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Gym shoes!

claireychn074claireychn074 Posts: 138Member, Premium Member Posts: 138Member, Premium Member
My Asics gym shoes are dying: I have lifting shoes and deadlift slippers, but I need a good basic pair of trainers for accessory work / cardio. I hate padded trainers and prefer low profile ones: going to have to buy online as I live in a rural area. Interested in what gym goers / strength athletes wear, and recommendations or ones to avoid!


  • Cbean08Cbean08 Posts: 1,092Member Member Posts: 1,092Member Member
    I like Nike Frees, even though they are technically running shoes, they don't have a ton of extra padding.
  • CarvedTonesCarvedTones Posts: 2,341Member Member Posts: 2,341Member Member
    I am mostly a cardio guy and I strongly concur with the idea of running shoes. I wear some Saucony shoes I used to run in at the gym. I also own a pair of Nike Run Swift shoes that I don't use in the gym only because they are my favorite shoes that I wear with jeans or whatever; they make some that are black with charcoal swoosh and soles that look really fashionable for running shoes). Running shoes are light and durable - normal use includes soaking them with sweat, puddles and/or rain without stopping. They generally come with laces that don't slip easily. There are valid reasons they can be pricey. Some runners get several hundred miles or more and throw them out because the soles are smooth but the uppers are still completely intact.
  • claireychn074claireychn074 Posts: 138Member, Premium Member Posts: 138Member, Premium Member
    I’ll have a look at running shoes, thanks. I do have some good cross country shoes but I’ve steered clear of normal running shoes in the past as they seemed too padded (years of bare-foot martial arts means I tend to turn my ankle over in thick soled trainers!).
  • CowboySarCowboySar Posts: 404Member Member Posts: 404Member Member
    I have Rebook Crossfits and love em.
  • Keto_VampireKeto_Vampire Posts: 1,357Member Member Posts: 1,357Member Member
    Adidas sambas for squatting/leg day (have zero rise with a thick, wide sole - a good base for planting the feet into the ground). Hold up very well & can take a beating (I'm only on my 2nd pair over about 7 years). Not as good as lifting shoes with rise (but I'm not really into powerlifting & find the sambas good enough & stylish). My favorite shoes for soccer (esp. indoors)

    New Balance X200 minimus - minimalist shoes with vibram soles (like tire tread) but look like normal, stylist shoes (huge plus for not being labeled as a hipster doofus toe-shoe wearer). These are perfect for cardio & are not clunky whatsoever

    Would never use running shoes while weight lifting (esp. squatting - like trying to squat on an old spring mattress)
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  • pinggolfer96pinggolfer96 Posts: 2,255Member Member Posts: 2,255Member Member
    Squat and deadlift barefoot, other than that I just wear running shoes
  • MichaelK1007MichaelK1007 Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    Adidas Ultraboost. That’s what I use for cardio except for sprints. Chucks for lifting.
  • JAYxMSxPESJAYxMSxPES Posts: 193Member Member Posts: 193Member Member
    CowboySar wrote: »
    I have Rebook Crossfits and love em.

    I bought some as well from Rogue Fitness and those shoes are excellent for all lifts, cardio, etc. Great all-around shoe.
  • claireychn074claireychn074 Posts: 138Member, Premium Member Posts: 138Member, Premium Member
    Thanks everyone! I’ve bought some Reebok zoku ultraknit runners. V lightweight, in the sale and pink (sorry). Haven’t tried them yet as I’ve been wearing my lifters but fingers crossed they’ll be comfy 🤗
  • jamesjeffsmithjamesjeffsmith Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    New Balance with real rubber soles. google new balance overstock. i pay around $50 or half price shipped. not lesser quality at all
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