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VICTORIA'S SECRET MODELS~What do you estimate is their REAL body fat percentage???

PaiPugPaiPug Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
With the Victoria's secret fashion show recently screened this weekend, it got me curious. What do you think the body fat percentages of the models really are? Most of them to me a look between 17 and 19% body fat. With those models being such big names in the modeling industry, it's pretty easy to find their height and vital measurements on their agency is pages. However when you plug them in to the Navy calculator for body fat percentage it seems to come up with a really low number for each girl. (For example, Elsa Hosk who wore the fantasy bra this year, according to the navy's calculations has a body fat percentage of 14, yet from looking at her I would have guessed higher.) And once you know their body fat percentage. It's pretty easy to calculate their weight. I know there was a big movement in the industry a couple of years ago where they said that they will not let size 0 or size double 0 models walk the runway, and they also will not Let girls who are below and 18 on the BMI scale walk either, however it seems like all of these models according to standard American size charts are a 0 or smaller and most likely severely underweight. Do you think agencies are lying about the measurements to make these girls look better and got jobs more, or do you think that their body fat percentage Are really that low?


  • nvmomketonvmomketo Posts: 12,023Member Member Posts: 12,023Member Member
    I would guess lower than 17-18% too. I had 18% when I was younger and fitter and was not that small.

    10-15% would be my guess... And slim framed too.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,640Member Member Posts: 2,640Member Member
    sardelsa wrote: »
    Bodyfat percentage is how much fat vs everything else, so even someone who is lower in weight but lacking muscle, they may not look as defined but still have very low percentage of fat in their bodies. So sometimes they look higher than they are. I would guess they are low, anywhere from 10-15%.

    I was going to say the same. They don't have high levels of muscle so therefore it "looks" like they are a higher % than they likely are. Plus boobs. I would go with the 10-15% range too.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 8,634Member Member Posts: 8,634Member Member
    they typically have a higher percentage than high fashion. if they grow larger breasts, they are also relegated to VS and sports illustrated bikini

    but none of it matters because with VS it's all about the fantasy.
  • Boba_14626Boba_14626 Posts: 866Member Member Posts: 866Member Member
    To answer your original question: Who knows. i recommend watching these for some eye opening results:

  • urloved33urloved33 Posts: 3,361Member Member Posts: 3,361Member Member
    smolmaus wrote: »
    I think everyone in that industry lies about everything.

    They care about the health and wellbeing of the women they show, even a little bit.
    They care about women in general, except as an exploitable consumer base.
    They don't put pressure on the women to lose weight, including job loss as a consequence.
    All the women on the runway are "healthy" and are never forced to starve and over-exercise to fit the standard.
    They don't promote white, thin, euro-centric beauty standards on purpose, these models just happen to be the best models.
    The women water-fast for two days before a show and exercise for 2 hours daily because they enjoy it.
    Being incredibly thin and in your underwear is empowerment and feminist and not just sex-show capitalism.

    There have been a good few ex-VS-models coming out of the woodwork recently to speak about how toxic the industry is, particularly this show. IMO it's a steaming, rank pile of garbage. Give your money to a company that doesn't hate women.

    i agree. I don't watch it nor do I shop in that store anymore not in many many years.
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  • shadow2soulshadow2soul Posts: 7,676Member Member Posts: 7,676Member Member
    peleroja wrote: »
    mbaker566 wrote: »
    they typically have a higher percentage than high fashion. if they grow larger breasts, they are also relegated to VS and sports illustrated bikini

    but none of it matters because with VS it's all about the fantasy.

    This. VS models are either usually a little bigger than most runway girls or (for those that do both) they gain a few pounds specifically to do VS because it's a different aesthetic. They're still thin, possibly too thin for ideal health, don't get me wrong, but they're not generally in that sub-16 BMI range like many of the big runway models are right now with those 31-23-33 at 5'10" sort of measurements where their bodyfat is very, very low and very likely below 15%.

    I'd peg most of the VS ones closer to BMI 18 with high-teens bodyfat (that said, it's also obvious that a lot of them really aren't especially busty, but between the push-ups, chicken cutlets, and makeup there is an illusion of larger chests.)

    Victoria's Secret is so tired though, I can't believe they're still pedaling the same brand of "sexy" they were in the 90s and early 2000s. There's a reason no one cares anymore.

    I’ve never watched them. I can’t say I don’t shop there though. They are one of the very few stores around where I live that actually carry my bra size.
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