It’s easy for you (rant)

Full disclosure: my antenna are up for people who discount the hard work of others by dismissing any success as “easy for you.” Straight As, professional recognition, weight loss (or maintenance).... it must have been easy or there’s no way you could have achieved it. Hard work, persistence, patience... I’m not giving you credit for that. You can only do easy things.

It’s annoyingly but not uncommon. I expect it from my mother. But my husband? Jeez. Tonight he actually said, “It’s easy for you because you’re disciplined.” To my ears, that’s an oxymoron. Discipline isn’t easy. Discipline is synonymous with effort. Consistent effort. Example: Yesterday I did my 4mi run in a cold rain. Not fun. As he laid on a chaise lounge indoors, he saw me gird up to face the elements. Easy? Where is he coming from?

Crazy thing is I’ve been sympathetic with his efforts to lose weight. No reciprocation, evidently. I guess that’s what hurts. I encourage and he dismisses. To all of you MFP-ers out there, I appreciate the effort it takes. It’s not easy.


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    OP--they always say opposites attract. I'd just put it down to that (after I stomped out of the house).
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    Hugs, OP. Clearly you're in good company :heart: