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NSV, all my big clothes are GONE!

wmweezawmweeza Posts: 189Member Member Posts: 189Member Member
I started out at a size 3x (24/26 in store plus sizes). As I've lost weight I keep dropping off bags of clothes at our local charity...some still new with tags so I'm sure someone can use them. I've since had to slowly replace everything. Tonight I bought a new pair of a SIZE 16!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still have a ways to go still, and it'll take a chunk of time to keep losing weight the healthy way, BUT I am hitting major milestones!


  • IsETHomeIsETHome Posts: 232Member Member Posts: 232Member Member
    Fantastic, how many weeks have you been at it
  • Heidijens123Heidijens123 Posts: 279Member Member Posts: 279Member Member
  • FflpnariFflpnari Posts: 707Member Member Posts: 707Member Member
  • FarmerCarlaFarmerCarla Posts: 482Member, Premium Member Posts: 482Member, Premium Member
    I bet it makes you feel like dancing! Congratulations!
  • shunggieshunggie Posts: 612Member Member Posts: 612Member Member
    Congrats on your loss and I hope you're proud of the work you've put into getting here.

    I'm wearing 18 black dress slacks right now that are literally hanging on by the hips. I have the exact same pair in 16s and thought those were the ones I put on this morning until I started walking around my office. I need to take these to goodwill and get a pair of ... dare I say 14s? Biggest annoying thing about the pants - I missed the email last week while on vacation that we can wear jeans this week! Dang it.
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Posts: 1,615Member Member Posts: 1,615Member Member
    congrats, know that feels good!
  • time2change1111time2change1111 Posts: 114Member Member Posts: 114Member Member

    Well done 👍
  • babysaffybabysaffy Posts: 173Member Member Posts: 173Member Member
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Posts: 623Member Member Posts: 623Member Member
    Congrats!! I did the same thing a couple of months ago and it felt great to get rid of those big clothes and make new milestones. Keep it up!! :)
  • daklockdaklock Posts: 54Member Member Posts: 54Member Member
    Oh wow! Congrats! Having gained back about 20 pounds over the last two years, I'm first, looking forward to getting back into some clothes that I have hanging in the closet, and then being able to get rid of the old clothes and sew up some new clothes.
  • anl90anl90 Posts: 886Member Member Posts: 886Member Member
    That is amazing! Isn't it such a good feeling being able to get rid of clothes which are too big? Keep up the amazing work!! <3
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