Boiled eggs

How many boiled eggs can you eat a day for snacks???


  • TonyB0588
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    I eat one per day.
  • Machka9
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    For me ... none. Maybe 1 or 2 per month.
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  • pinuplove
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    How many boiled eggs can you eat a day for snacks???

    What specifically are your concerns about eating "too many"?
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  • nowine4me
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    Depends on how close you are to your co-workers!
  • lynn_glenmont
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    How many boiled eggs can you eat a day for snacks???

    Depends on the day. I think there are 22 raw eggs in my refrigerator today (stocked up for Christmas baking and ended up doing mostly fudge and caramel popcorn, and only needed eggs for pecan-hazelnut shortbread).

    So, without going to the store, I can eat 22 boiled eggs today for snacks.

    That wouldn't leave me a lot of calories for meals, but since I'd be concentrating on plant foods for fiber and other nutrients that don't come in shells -- oops, make that eggs, as I don't want to rule out nuts -- it would probably work out OK. Although I might be too full food malls after 22 boiled eggs for snacks. And, as much as I like boiled eggs, I might be tired of them after a dozen or so.
  • Tanya_Clair
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    I normally just have 1 medium egg, but as others have said you can eat as many as your heart desires within your calorie goal!
  • Therealobi1
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    Most i have eaten in one day is 2
  • HeatherT929
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    I eat three eggs almost every day for breakfast, sometimes another two as a snack. I get my stats checked annually and no issues with my cholesterol. I think eggs have gotten a bad rap.
  • saraonly9913
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    1-2 jumbo eggs.
  • missiontofitness
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    I went through a phase once where I had 4-6 per day. I love hard boiled eggs.

    Nearly four years ago, I also did the math out to see how many you needed to eat to meet my nutritional goals: If you're curious, the answer is 20. (Notseriousnotseriousnotserious)
  • Machka9
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    For me ... none. Maybe 1 or 2 per month.

    For whatever reason, they put my gallbladder into screaming pain ... the kind of pain that keeps you awake all night.

    I like eggs. I wish I could eat more. I go a couple months without them and feel good and think I'll give them another try ... but nope.
  • Lounmoun
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    How many boiled eggs can you eat a day for snacks???

    For me personally: 0- 1 because I don't like eggs very much. Most days I do not snack on boiled eggs.
    For you: as many as you like that fit your goals I guess.