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New year, new friends with a Lean kind of knowledge

Ian_DaviesIan_Davies Posts: 121Member Member Posts: 121Member Member
Hello 2019 it's time to get lean.
Today, the 01 January 2019 I woke having achieved my phase 1 target.

Phase 1 - drop from 92kg to below 75kg - COMPLETE

At 74.8kg with a little help from a liquid 31 Dec 2018, green tea, protein shakes and water...along with an early morning grapefruit to cleanse the system I have no words...I am so happy.

Phase 2 - I need some new knowledgeable friends that can help me burn off the fat and build more muscle.
My aim is to stay close to but below 75kg. I am 180cm.

If you need a new active friend or can offer support and knowledge I'm ready to go.


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