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Recomposition: Maintaining weight while losing fat

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There's a lot of talk about recomposition through the boards, so I wanted to have a place where we can compile research on it and experiences with it.

When is recomp appropriate? When you are at a decent weight for your height, but your body fat is still at a level that is undesirable to you recomposition is probably a good option. It's a way to maintain your weight, eat well and still lose fat. This is a slow process and can feel like spinning your wheels, but it can be less mentally stressful than bulk and cut cycles.

The keys to recomposition are:

1. At the end of the week you have eaten at about your TDEE. You may choose to cycle calories or eat at a flat rate every day, this should fit your personal preference. If you have a consistent workout schedule using a TDEE calculator should place your goal fairly close to your actual maintenance. The only way to know for sure is to monitor your weight and calories over time while adjusting calories when you have an up or down trend.

2. Getting adequate protein. Protein is a building block of muscle. The goal of recomposition is to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Protein, carbohydrates and fats play different roles in the muscle building process, so make sure that you keep to a macronutrient set up that works for you. This may need to be adjusted over time.

3. Lift! Following a good lifting program is the key to the entire process. It's where the magic happens. Pick a program that you will enjoy and that is going to challenge you. Continue to focus on improving.

4. Take pictures and measure. It's a slow process and you may feel you are making no progress. Your measurements will help you see that you are making progress.

Feel free to share stories of recomposition and any research you have seen on it. Ask questions if you have any.
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    tagging to follow.

    out of curiosity, as carbs are more important on a bulk; should your carbs and protein be pretty evenly distributed on a recomp, or would you want more coming from protein, and less from carbs?

    I think that's going to be a personal thing. I have carbs a bit higher than protein on a bulk and while I was in recomp for a few months. I also have lots of calories to play with. I generally set protein first and divide carbs and fat after. I see better results with protein around .8-1g per pound of lean body mass.


    I have never tried recomp...

    I ran the bulk last winter and cut this spring. As of this week, I am on .5 pound per week loss with the plan to transition to maintenance in August, and bulk again in September....
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    Is there a amount of time you need to lift each week? I do 3 days about an hour each day focusing on day 1 arms day 2 chest and shoulders and day 3 legs and back. Each exercised done 2 to 3 times with increasing weight.
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