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Do you drink coffee? Why or why not?



  • crystalgullivercrystalgulliver Posts: 45Member Member Posts: 45Member Member
    Why wouldn't you drink it! Best invention of life
  • petethegamermfppetethegamermfp Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    Only two cups a day. One early morning before work and one mid afternoon just to keep the alertness going 😀
  • workinonit1956workinonit1956 Posts: 1,028Member Member Posts: 1,028Member Member
    I was always a tea drinker, but recently I’ve begun to drink coffee. I love the smell and enjoy a latte occasionally, but I find myself now drinking a cup of coffee with half & half every morning and sometimes another in the afternoon.
  • debrakgooginsdebrakgoogins Posts: 1,918Member Member Posts: 1,918Member Member
    I didn't start drinking coffee until I was in my 30's. I drank Mountain Dew instead. I decided I still wanted caffeine without all the other stuff and tried coffee. Now, I drink it every day but not much, one or two cups a day is my max.
  • rhaiinrhaiin Posts: 683Member Member Posts: 683Member Member
    I don't drink it every day, but I do enjoy coffee a lot. I just don't get up early enough to make myself a cup without being late. I have a hard time dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am, even though I've been working this shift for 7 years.

    If my office had a coffee pot, I would drink coffee all day long. I'll drink it black, but I do prefer it with a splash of milk and splenda, or a small amount of creamer.
  • tiptoethruthetulipstiptoethruthetulips Posts: 3,054Member, Greeter, Premium Member Posts: 3,054Member, Greeter, Premium Member
    No no and no. Don't like coffee at all. The times I have accidentally picked up someone else's coffee cup and have had a mouthful of coffee or eaten a coffee lolly / chocolate, I may have never moved so quickly as to find a sink, rubbish bin or sink.

    Weird thing is I don't actually mind the smell of freshly ground coffee beans....but just don't ask me to drink it.
  • collectingbluescollectingblues Posts: 2,514Member Member Posts: 2,514Member Member
    The world is a better place because I get my 24-30 ounces of iced coffee every day.

    I drink it black. 6 calories for the 30, and 5 for the 24. It's a little steeper if I'm at home with one of the fancyass cold brew bottled mixes -- 13 calories for 8 ounces -- but is still worth the calories.
  • Carlos_421Carlos_421 Posts: 5,015Member Member Posts: 5,015Member Member
    I drink coffee because I like it.

    Also, it's a myth that it dehydrates you. There is a mild diuretic effect associated with the caffeine but not enough to counter the amount of water you're drinking with a cup of coffee.
  • ShopGirl9999ShopGirl9999 Posts: 655Member Member Posts: 655Member Member
    Can't live without morning coffee.
  • Christilynn78Christilynn78 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    Have one cup every morning with sugar free vanilla creamer.
  • monicapiazzamonicapiazza Posts: 92Member Member Posts: 92Member Member
    Yes. Coffee is life haha. I allocate close to 300 calories a day for it (creamer, sugar ect)
  • IdontcareyoupickIdontcareyoupick Posts: 916Member Member Posts: 916Member Member
    Don't drink it. Think it's gross no matter how much crap you put in it
  • cforsyth617cforsyth617 Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    Yuck, it tastes awful and ruins the taste of many good desserts
  • stricklee11stricklee11 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    Been drinking coffee since age 4 so I must drink it daily or else I get really bad caffeine headaches. Over the years, I've decreased my intake from 6+ cups of coffee to 2 cups in the morning, Monday through Saturday.
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  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 14,500Member Member Posts: 14,500Member Member
    Been drinking coffee since age 4 so I must drink it daily or else I get really bad caffeine headaches. But, over the years, I've decreased my intake from 6+ cups of coffee to 2 cups Monday through Saturday.

    I'm imagining little 4 yr old you in the car seat with your styrofoam cup of joe cursing out the bad drivers on your way to school :lol:

    I grew up with Italian relatives so the only reason I didn't drink espresso as a child is because I hated the smell! But I did have a little cordial glass with wine in it at holiday dinners :drinker:

    I drink one cup in the morning every day. Sometimes a second in early afternoon if I'm really dragging. I also sometimes have a cup or two of tea and a diet soda the rest of the day, but the caffeine in coffee is really the only time I feel it.
  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member
    yes, to not need bail.
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 25,984Member Member Posts: 25,984Member Member
    earlnabby wrote: »
    Ed_Zilla wrote: »
    I am a coffee snob. Kenyan AA, Columbian, Sumatra - all whole bean - all freshly ground - are my favorites.

    FWIW - if you must buy coffee that is prepackaged, Starbucks and Peet's are acceptable alternatives IMHO.

    I will give up bourbon before I give up coffee.

    Starbucks is NOT acceptable coffee. You want to avoid the big companies. Find a local coffeehouse that imports and roasts their own coffeebeans in small batches, not by the ton like Charbucks does.

    Amen. This is what I call them, too.
  • kbushe3221kbushe3221 Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
  • GemimaFitzTedGemimaFitzTed Posts: 249Member Member Posts: 249Member Member
    I drink two strong cups a day to ward off homicidal rage and to be socially acceptable. I consider it an insurance policy. I don't have enough money to bail me out. Coffee is a far cheaper option :D:D:D
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