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Sliding towards 50 and needing change

sara_pryorsara_pryor Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
Hi I'm Sara, Ive been on my fitness pal for years and always come back in Jan promising myself I'll be the person I used to be again. 2 years ago I had a car crash and although the damage was minor at the time this year Ive needed a rotator cuff repair and tendon graft following lots of pain and losing the use of my right arm. No gym, no dog walking it got a bit miserable. Im fixed and have no excuses to make myself the best I can be! Looking for tips, friends and maybe even someone out there that'll give me the shove I need to carry this on this year!
Have a new Fitbit and am cracking 5 miles a day again so thats a start, its the food thing. Cooking for a family, we don't do much processed as my middle one has adhd, we cook everything from scratch. But Im a bit old fashioned, home made puds at weekends, portions maybe a bit large!
Anyone who is in the same boat? Please add to this discussion if it relates to you or you have been where I am and can offer advice
Thank you for reading my rambling


  • nsteacupnsteacup Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Hey Sara,
    Similar, but not nearly as scary or substantial to your story, i broke my ankle in 3 places 2 years ago after loosing 40 pounds with MFP. As of yesterday i have gained it all back. Walking hurts, but I too am heading to 50, ànd so im determined to find a way to get back to moving and eating well again. Glad to be on the journey with you. ☺
  • sara_pryorsara_pryor Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    Fab!! Felt sure I wouldn't be alone in all this. I need to lose about 30lbs but didn't get on well with slimming world when I did it. Like having the controls that using this app gives me.
    Any tips welcome! And happy to share any things I find help 😊
    Dry January is deffo helping, found herbal tea instead 👍🏻
  • nsteacupnsteacup Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Good morning. Good luck this week!
  • sara_pryorsara_pryor Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    Gained a pound despite walking 7 miles yesterday!! Hope you're doing better x
  • KeylimecoconutKeylimecoconut Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    Sara I just turned 50 and am back on MFP to lose the last 20lbs. Dropped 80lbs in 2015-16 when I stopped eating enough dinner for two and then grazing all night. My physical activity consists of walking and occasionally yoga. Blew out my knew many years ago and have avoided high impact sports like racquet ball ever since. Good luck and add me if you like:)
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Posts: 584Member Member Posts: 584Member Member
    We have some interesting similarities. My weight gain began a few years ago when I was in a head-on collision. I also had to have my rotator cuff repaired. I had months of physical therapy. I didn't change my eating habits when my activity lessened so weight gain occurred.

    Anyways I'm 50 as well. I have lots of plans and weight loss is near the top.
  • nsteacupnsteacup Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    How is everyone doing as we cruise into the weekend? My first week has been a success and a good jump start to weight loss. It is cold here so I'm not getting out to walk but I'm compensating by parking far from the door at work and using the entrance farthest away from my office.
    Hope every had an off scale victory and some success on the scale.
  • BMcC9BMcC9 Posts: 2,633Member Member Posts: 2,633Member Member
    this might be a good group for many of you ... I THINK many of the same people keep rolling the conversation over month by month, so that the thread doesn't get too long. (hence "for January")

    There is also a fitbit group (always in the top right corner when you click on Community (and see the list of the main Message Boards on the left)

    If you haven't found them already, at the top of each main board is a Most Helpful Posts [the board] - (Must Reads) with links to very valuable information, especially if you are just starting (or just starting back). Including how to search the message boards.

    Hope you find a "group of peeps" that you resonate with. Having company with common interests or activities or roadblocks to encourage each other past DOES make a difference.
  • sara_pryorsara_pryor Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    Will certainly look up that group. Apologies for not responding to messages I haven't got it set to get notifications 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Hope youre all having a successful week. I am aiming to get back at it over the next few days. Some truly awful family news set me back a bit as Ive been looking after family since the weekend.
  • joyoung9000joyoung9000 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Hi - In a similar boat to you. Heading towards 48 and needing to make some big changes!
  • Kevin_HassenpflugKevin_Hassenpflug Posts: 58Member Member Posts: 58Member Member
  • sara_pryorsara_pryor Posts: 6Member, Premium Member Posts: 6Member, Premium Member
    How is everyone doing?
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