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:) Many people find that the beginning of a new year is a clean slate and the time to start new habits, attitudes, or behaviours. I don't make "resolutions" in the classic sense, but I like to use this time to start something new.

:) My word for 2019 is "pause"...instead of rushing into something new, I'll pause and consider my options and make more intentional decisions in my life.

:) The name of the thread is "Women Ages 50+" but all women are welcome. Please join us if you are looking for encouragement and support on your journey to health and wellness.

If you made resolutions or goals for December, how did you do?

Do you have any goals or resolutions for January?

:) Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it again. Also sign your name or an alias and a geographical location to help us get to know each other.

<3 Barbie from beautiful NW Washington

My word for 2018 was "tenacity" and that helped me achieve many important goals.

Resolutions for December (with end of the month comments)
*continue with the never ending scanning project (it's never ending, but I've continued)
*knit five or more snowflake hats to be donated (finished)
* finish writing my list of "19 for 2019" ( nowhere near finished)
*choose a word for 2019 (Pause)

Resolutions for January
*get over my cold
*continue with good habits (logging food and exercise, drinking water, posting on this thread)


  • jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Welcome to 2019!!

    Machka: having been MIA since March, I decided to go back to the posts from March. I read your posts and am really sorry that you had such a terrible time. How is he doing now, is there any permanent brain damage? Times like these remind you that life is precious. All the best for both of you in this year.❤
  • exermomexermom Posts: 3,771Member Member Posts: 3,771Member Member
    Held my plank for 3 minutes then took the extremepump class. The plan for tomorrow is to do the Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout DVD

    Gzteach – don’t feel bad if you don’t know everyone’s name. I don’t and I’ve been here a few years now. People come and go, that’s the way it is.

    Went to the open house at a friend’s yesterday. I had only water to drink, two pieces of cheese and a dark chocolate square. Thought I did pretty well.

    Barbara – Vince is a wimp, too. He gets a tooth filled, he gets novacaine. I can’t remember the last time I took it just for a filling. Like I said, the last time I took it was about 12 years ago when I had a root canal (that to this day I don’t think I needed)

    Bianca – so that’s where you’ve been!!!! Welcome back. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having problems walking, how frustrating!

    After exercise went to Aldi, didn’t get much. Then stopped at Target for one item but decided to look and see what they had left of Christmas. I wound up getting some ornaments, regularly $3 for 30 cents. Came home and sliced the strawberries for tonight (no, M, I’m not putting them on until we’re ready to eat it), peeled the potatoes for tonight, made breakfast for tomorrow (speaking of which, the timer for the steel cut oats just went off). Think I’ll crochet some and then get dinner ready. Need to spot clean the floor

    Bonnie – happy birthday to your son

    Allie – you’ve taken the first step. Pretty soon 15 minutes will turn into 20 which will turn to 25 and so on.

    The Wii says that I’m within the normal BMI. I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll be a little above. Fortunately, I’ve been checking myself daily and, yes, I have gone up. But I’ve come right back down. If I can just maintain (which I seem to have done/will do), then I’m happy.

    Tracey – thanks so much for the definition of what a Cricut can do. I didn’t realize that things on mugs were made with it! Good luck on that house! I’m just thinking… is there anyway you can use that for decorating a cake? What if you were to freeze sheets of icing? Or would that not work?

    Rori – congrats on the inches lost. That’s wonderful I just checked and I’ve been on here for 8 years!!! Thank you, everyone, for your friendship, love and support. We’ve been thru a lot together and it’s so good knowing that I can express myself here and not be judged but get different perspectives on things.

    Oh, found this band for Denise. What the directions say is that it’s a band you wear below your belly and it holds up pants that you can’t button.

    Barbara – no tips on making the “boughs”. Let me know how it works out with the puff pastry. It really wasn’t hard to do at all. One thing I found, tho, was that I needed to put some aluminum foil on the tips so they didn’t burn before the center got baked.

    Yvonne - I just have this “thing” about putting my hands in my mouth to floss. I know I should floss, but, like you, I was never sure I was doing it correctly. I find the waterpik helped. But when katla spoke of the flosser, I got one and have been using it ever since. I mentioned it to the dental hygienist at the dentist’s and they ordered some. She gave me one to keep in my bag that I take if we go away for a few days (or even more). You know, I would think that a cricut would be something good for a school. I remember having to cut things out for them to decorate a bulletin board. I always say “thank God for the freezer”. Let us know how the Noom works. I’ve been getting emails about it but have never really looked into it in depth.

    Bonnie – sounds like you had a great year.

    Tracey – is the voltaren a pill? I had a cream for when I had an inflamed achilles tendon

    Cari – what a weight loss!

    Kate – I’ve always wondered the same thing! I really don’t want to post something on utube. I’m wondering if I put a link to a video on my computer, will it post here? Pictures do, so would a video? Maybe I’ll have to try it

    Why do I stress before I have company for dinner? I think I’m just going to forgo logging today and get right back to it tomorrow.

    Tracie – how nice to see you

    M – we had the pavlova. It really was quite good. What I especially liked was that it was light. Two questions: is there a special way to cut it and how do you serve it? I used a regular knife to cut it and then a spatula to serve it. I wish I’d had the time to take a picture of it. I put the fruit on right before we had it. Now I see that you can put the cream and fruit on it about an hour ahead of time and it’ll still be OK

    Penny – do you do a big thing about Christmas since you are so close to the North Pole?

    Michele in NC
  • Snowflake1968Snowflake1968 Posts: 2,669Member Member Posts: 2,669Member Member
    Michele - I have a Cricut Air 2, the newer highest tech model is a Cricut Maker. I’m not sure what it can cut, but I think I read that people do use them for cake decorating. I posted in the December thread a pic of my own starter projects. Voltaren is a cream, similar to Rub A535 without the burn.
  • jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Machka,thank you for sharing. This is not how one visualizes the future with your partner. It's taking one day at a time and celebrating each achievement no matter how small.
    Is he able to work again?

    Big hug to you🤗

    Bianca from South Africa
  • jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015jachmannjachmanngmailcom2015 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Bianca – so that’s where you’ve been!!!! Welcome back. I’m so sorry o hear that you’re having problems walking, how frustrating!

    Michele, yes I received an email from MFP warning that my account had been hacked and my password along with it. Was not able to log in for many months. I also could not access Map My Walk.
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Posts: 3,299Member Member Posts: 3,299Member Member
    Happy New Year!

    Barbie Thanks for the new thread!


    My word for 2018 was Pluck

    My word for 2019 is Serenity


    Karen in Virginia
  • 1948Peachy1948Peachy Posts: 501Member Member Posts: 501Member Member
    HAPPY NEW YEAR....Wishing PEACE to all in 2019.


    Barbie ~ You are one of the most disciplined persons I know! :)

    Got an email from Lenora. She fell on the steps of her deck right before Christmas and was in the hospital for four days. Got 13 staples in her leg and two knots on her head. Bruised all over. :'(

    We went out for lunch at Longhorn's steak house for NY's. I did fairly well having their combo soup and salad. Their French onion soup is delicious!

    Carol in GA
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