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    If you are looking for some background music/tones to listen to when you meditate I recommend looking up 528 hz or 417 hz on you tube. Sound can have an influence on our health. I am not putting up the web site because I know there are rules about sharing web sites on MFP.

    I found out about these free sites from a wonderful women I met in St. Louis. I was walking in a sculpture park when we met. I think I mentioned her to you before. She is a poet and her brother a stand up comic living in Chicago. When they get enough money they travel and perform in another city. We formed an instant bond and talk about the influence of sound on our health amongst other things.

    I do think there is something to this. I know I feel better when I sing or listen to soothing music. By the same token I know when those cars come by with the booming bass that vibrate my whole car I feel uncomfortable.

    Prayers for a blessed New Year!

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    Kylia ~ Praying for Aubrey and her family!
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    Kim, will keep Aubrey in my prayers.

    House is put back in order. Kids grands and extended family are all gone. Now a new year and a quiet house. My word for 2018 was gratitude. It was too easy a concept because I am grateful for so much. This year I’ve chosen PRESENT for my word. It will be a challenge. I am a loner and avoid interactions and circumstances where I might be uncomfortable. I’ll actively be present and work through moments. I’ll grow with my word this year.

    I started 2018 at 150lbs and ended it at 158. I’ll log my food and weight daily. I love my walking and exercising and will add in some weights.

    Thanks Barbie for the new thread. Happy New Years everyone.

    Betsy in NW Washington
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  • pipcd34pipcd34 Posts: 8,981Member Member Posts: 8,981Member Member
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    BARBIE thanks for Jan thread, here's a pic of line dancers on boardwalk at Benidorm beach. I took video yesterday but couldn't upload to my post gonna try spoiler for the pic

    Kate UK
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    Am eating black eyed peas for change and coleslaw (greens) for bills. Do any of you have any NY's Day traditions?

    Carol in GA
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    Kylia ... praying for Aubrey ....
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