Can't seem to lose weight? It may be your meal frequency.....

I found this article very intriguing and am trying it out myself....

Just how important is meal frequency? Let's put it this way: Comparing
three “squares” to six meals a day is like comparing a 450 horsepower V-10, 8.0 liter
Dodge Viper to a four cylinder Honda Civic. There’s nothing wrong with a Honda Civic -
it will get you where you want to go – in the end - but if you wanted to get somewhere fast, which engine would you choose? With a top speed of 192 mph, I’d at least take the Viper, wouldn’t you?

The odds are good that you are looking for the fastest way to get the results you want, and achieve the goals you've set. There are of course limits to how fast you can safely lose body fat, but high meal frequency will allow you to do it as quickly as possible. You can choose the right foods and exercise daily, but if your metabolism is running slow, it compares to swimming upstream; very slow and time consuming.

Don't take this as a claim that you can’t get any results on three meals a day – of course you can.
A traditional and nutritional breakfast, lunch and dinner, carefully selected using the guidelines in this blog and mixed with aerobic and weight training, will definitely get you noticeable results. Unluckily, it will take more time. If you have ambitious goals, such as bodybuilding or fitness competition (or if you just want to look like one), then five or six meals per day is an absolute requirement.

Of all the nutrition strategies, the habit of eating small, frequent meals – one approximately every
three hours when awake - is by far the best way to speed up your metabolism. In fact it’s so
effective, that when you start to see the results, you may wonder why you’ve ever had
any difficulty losing body fat in the past!

After 3-4 months of strict pre-contest dieting on super-clean, high protein foods eaten 6-7 times a
day, competitive fitness models/bodybuilders often have their metabolism “spinning” so fast, that they
burn huge quantities of food, and yes, even junk food! (Still they're just getting fitter and fitter!). Their
bodies become like “human food incinerators,” producing massive amounts of heat and burning off
calories at an astounding rate.

When combining frequent eating and the right food choices, your body will turn into a "turbo-charged fat burning machine!" And further more, eating a healthily constructed meal every 3 hours is also the optimal
way to build and maintain muscle. The longer you practice the five to six meals per day habit, the more muscle you’ll develop. And the more muscle mass you gain, the faster your metabolism will become.
This a positive, self-reinforcing cycle!

"Meal frequency and meal frequency alone has the capability of having some miraculous effects on
human physiology!"
- TC Luoma, Bodybuilding writer and editor of Testosterone Magazine

"If you haven't figured it out yet, let me spell it out for you: depending on your goal, it is either five or
six meals a day or forget about reaching your potential!"
- Keith Klein, nutritionist expert and the writer of “Get Lean.”


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    Hmm, I wonder what fitness models/body builders might be doing pre-competition to increase their metabolisms. It couldn’t be lots of exercise, could it?
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    Wait, there's a Testosterone Magazine? That's one of the more amusing things I've heard all week.
    There's also an Estrogen Magazine. Unfortunately, every article is on "Belly Fat". :/
    Ugh that's a mess. A very sad and unhealthy mess. Ways in which one can exogenously up their testosterone levels (there are a few populations where prescribing T is valid - I'm pretty sure they aren't the target market for this magazine) vs how to reduce belly fat.

    I clearly haven't been looking hard enough, though the grocery stores I typically shop at probably don't carry those.
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