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VonkaaVonkaa Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Hello everyone! I’m just starting Keto & I’d love to hear any Keto success stories! Pictures would be great too with a description. Thank you everyone ❤️


  • MoboluMobolu Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Just started on the 3rd too. Add me
  • FflpnariFflpnari Posts: 709Member Member Posts: 709Member Member
    If you have instagram there are a ton of keto before and after photos
  • Starshine15Starshine15 Posts: 277Member Member Posts: 277Member Member
    ameliar73 wrote: »
    Good Morning,

    I have been on Keto since mid May I think and I am down almost 40lbs and I love it, I am not strick Keto since I sometimes use carb balance tortillas since it fits in my Marcos. I don’t eat the tortillas everyday though, just to be clear. If you need ideas on what to make for meals on Keto you can YouTube KetoConnect, Keto Gina or just Keto and you can find a bunch of recipes or go to they have some great recipes.

    Good luck on your journey.


    Thanks for the YouTube recipe sites!
  • maryrogers61maryrogers61 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Me too! Just started January 8th and would love to hear some success stories!
  • leiflungleiflung Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    Man! So many smoking hotties in this thread! You guys are KILLING IT!
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