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  • BCLadybug888
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    If you were going to make chili in the Instapot, would you put everything in together with the beans, and cook together?
    I'm already soaking the beans, but was thinking I'd make chili, so now wondering about NOT cooking the beans first. Or maybe 1/2 cooking them??
    Thanks for everyone's input 😘
  • spinnerdell
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    I cook the beans first for chili so that I can control how much liquid is in the final product. I'm usually all for dumping everything together, but some dishes come out better with a little fiddling. The half-cooked idea sounds worth trying.
  • mtaratoot
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    Cook the beans most or all of the way before adding anything acidic, like tomatoes. You can add the spices so they get inside the beans, but my gut tells me wait to add acidic things.

    How long until someone from Texas chastises you for even considering putting beans in chili?
  • BCLadybug888
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    Lol, to me it's not chili without the beans!
    Thanks folks.
  • AnnPT77
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    So true, @ridiculous59! I've been mostly doing indoor exercise out of some sense of duty (kind of on the same basis as tooth-brushing, treating it as a thing I Just Do, not something I have a choice about ;) ).

    Today, I got out for a short walk (little over 3 miles) with one of my friends. It was a little warmer than usual (around 40F / 5C) and a rare sunny day, really nice to be outdoors. There were surprisingly many bicyclists on the trails, making me think maybe I've been too hesitant about getting out my bike on these rare nicer days, and instead stationary biking indoors.

    How is everyone else doing?

    New folks, how is the "learning MFP" thing going? Have you found a way to make some progress? If you're having challenges, can others here help in some way? Speak up!

    Long timers, what's going on with you?

    I hope everyone's doing great! :)
  • swimmom_1
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    Greetings. Haven't checked in here in about three weeks.
    Typing this on my phone, and I can't insert pictures. AARRGGHH! Oh well. I went snowshoeing a couple of weeks ago. Very enjoyable and a good workout. Will certainly do that again. The trip was capped with an one hour soak in a hot springs. A bald eagle flew by the end of the pool. It was a glorious day!

    No changes here with my wife's situation. Just the day after day grind for everyone involved.

    Weight is holding steady. It's good practice for maintenance when I finally reach my goal.

    I do read the posts here from time to time. Y'all are an inspiration. Keep up your great efforts!

    I was actually wondering about you yesterday. Glad you had an enjoyable day and are hanging in there with your day to day.
  • trekkie123
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    Welcome BB
  • karlschaeffer
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    @BCLadybug888 Well Done! Great news about your IF progress. I’ve seen a few articles lately questioning the efficacy of IF for weight loss, but none mentioned insulin levels etc. I think that’s the main benefit of IF. Again. Well Done!
  • listvanek61
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    Please, please add me. I need all of the motivation I can get. I am getting married in August and would like to be down at least 20 to 30 pounds before then.
  • alteredsteve175
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    Welcome, @listvanek61. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You're in the right place for some support and sensible advice.
  • BCLadybug888
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    swimmom_1 wrote: »
    It's been awhile but I think I'm starting to get my head back in the "right mindset" again. I've lost 5 lbs so far this month.

    Yay you! 😘
  • sandramarshall200
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    Hi, I couldn’t post for ages, but still logging. Hit a plateau, but slowly beginning to lose again. . I wish I had snow.
    I have been swimming a lot which I love.
  • MaggieGirl135
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    @sandramarshall200 Feel free to come to CO and take all of my snow!
  • sandramarshall200
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    @MaggieGirl135 . I would love to. Where is CO? I am in England.
  • MaggieGirl135
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    Sorry, CO is Colorado. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, southwest of Denver, at slightly less than 8,000’. Denver promotes itself as the mile high city (which it is!), but I live half of that again, lol. Actually, we got probably a bit less than a half a foot two days ago with no more anticipated for ~5 days. It will probably melt off in the next couple days in the blazing Colorado sun, so come quickly! (Of course, there’s plenty more a bit west—at the ski resorts!)