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225lbs lost!!



  • xKrystalxxKrystalx Posts: 62Member Member Posts: 62Member Member
  • KnitterNotAQuitterKnitterNotAQuitter Posts: 65Member, Premium Member Posts: 65Member, Premium Member
    Wow, that's incredible! Congrats! Tell us more about how you were able to lose so much weight so quickly.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,366Member Member Posts: 2,366Member Member
  • Taz6o5Taz6o5 Posts: 1,286Member Member Posts: 1,286Member Member
    That's awesome !
  • The_WallflowerThe_Wallflower Posts: 73Member Member Posts: 73Member Member
    Thanks y’all! I put myself on a strict paleo diet to lose the weight. After I had lost 135 completely through that and working out, I had a gastric sleeve done to maintain my lose and ended up losing an additional 90ish lbs!

    Yes. I had tons of loose skin. I had everything removed except my hips/butt area so far. That is hopefully coming soon!
  • jdubois5351jdubois5351 Posts: 454Member Member Posts: 454Member Member
    Wow, you've lost more than a whole me (220 at my highest, I think). Incredible achievement, you seriously rock!
  • GW4321GW4321 Posts: 349Member Member Posts: 349Member Member
    Wow. Great work!
  • CindyJNC1963CindyJNC1963 Posts: 266Member, Premium Member Posts: 266Member, Premium Member
    That's amazing. Congratulations!!
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