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Daily weigh-ins? Yes! What are your thoughts?



  • greeneyebeauty598greeneyebeauty598 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I think that as long as someone doesn’t have anxiety or any sort of unhealthy relationship with the scale it should be fine but for woman in general it should be fine time caution as weight fluctuations are a common occurrence particularly due to bloating. They should be reminded if this
  • Cindy4ChangeCindy4Change Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
    Thanks everyone for your responses. I weigh daily. On myfitnesspal i only update my weight on monday mornings. I'm going to check out happy scale app. Good night everyone.
  • SeattleBebop1SeattleBebop1 Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    Only on the weekends - I wouldn't like weighing myself in the morning before I go to work (and I'm usually in a rush anyway). Once or twice a week seems to be fine to see overall trends. I log my food daily so that keeps me accountable.
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,742Member Member Posts: 5,742Member Member
    I love weighing myself every day and logging it into my trend app. The more data the better, because then I can more accurately see what my "trend" is and if I'm on track.
  • tmpecus78tmpecus78 Posts: 1,234Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,234Member, Premium Member
    Although I never stress what the scale says, weigh-ins daily allow you to map trends in your weight-loss or weight-gain journey. Like other have said there are so many variables that influence the number on the scale, and if you are only weighing yourself a few times a week, that can really give you a skewed understanding on your status. The more data points the better.
  • nikkikillanikkikilla Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I weigh everyday but really worry about it at all. I know I’m doing the right things with diet and exercise.
    Mostly check it often outta curiosity. I’ve been losing inches not pounds
    Progress pictures have really been my most helpful tool in tracking my progress
  • vim_n_vigorvim_n_vigor Posts: 4,212Member Member Posts: 4,212Member Member
    I do daily weigh ins to collect more data points. I also take measurements 2 to 3 times a month. This is how I check to see if my daily calories seem to make sense for my activity level and size.
  • lalawaterlalalalawaterlala Posts: 56Member Member Posts: 56Member Member
    I love seeing my weight daily, even if it's fluctuating.
    Sometimes it feels really discouraging when the number is creeping up but it definitely keeps me mindful and accountable
  • PineAndSaltPineAndSalt Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
    I like weighing myself daily. It keeps me motivated to see that .1 or .2 lb loss each day. And if it doesn’t move or goes up? I know I need to put in a little extra effort on my exercise the next day. Whatever keeps me going!
  • redhairannieredhairannie Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    I weigh daily, and track it, so I can notice trends in my diet, exercise and how its physically affecting me. I have had issues with becoming obsessed and giving up BECAUSE of seeing no progress for days at a time. However, this time has been much better for me as I've actually set myself a solid goal and timeline. I think its all how you approach your own weight loss.
  • brittanystebbins95brittanystebbins95 Posts: 284Member Member Posts: 284Member Member
    I try to weigh weekly or even monthly. Otherwise I obsess over it far too much. That, and my weight fluctuates SO much. I can gain 3 lbs overnight, well hydrated, AFTER going to the bathroom.
  • julieat1960julieat1960 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    I have decided once a week is enough for me because I know I need to lose to improve my health and so I am not going to fall off the wagon, me and my circulation will be trying to keep up with the good work I restarted last week.
  • jlbtncjlbtnc Posts: 725Member Member Posts: 725Member Member
    I am for daily weigh-ins, although I only count one day for my actual logging of weight. I like weighing every day because it holds me accountable and I know where I am at.
  • dogWalkerTXdogWalkerTX Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    I weigh myself most mornings. More data!
    I like to see the trends-- as a previous poster mentioned.
  • perezlauperezlau Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    I weigh in but not daily. If I meet my calorie/exercise goal I know I am on the right path regardless of what the scale says.
  • JRsLateInLifeMomJRsLateInLifeMom Posts: 1,123Member Member Posts: 1,123Member Member
    Daily weight in helps me to know what to do the next day meal wise
  • Fitness327wkFitness327wk Posts: 2,828Member Member Posts: 2,828Member Member
    I definitely like to weigh in daily. I have been on vacation and did not weigh myself daily. Ugg.. Glad to be back on track! I allowed myself before January of this year to let ten plus pounds creep up on me over the last few years. I have and will be continuing to be back at my goal weight and maintain.

    I don’t obsess over it, however, it keeps me focused. For me, I know my weight will fluctuate day to day; however, I like numbers (analyst in me 👍😀) and I can make changes if my trend is going in the wrong direction. One free app I LOVE is Happy Scale, shows trends, forecast dates to hitting your goals and milestones.

    I also do body measurements every other week to watch trends.
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 5,299Member Member Posts: 5,299Member Member
    I've only ever done weekly weigh ins.

    That's enough for me.
  • phred_52phred_52 Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    I feel You should continue to do as you see fit. I usually weigh myself weekly. Nothing wrong with checking, but daily, well I can see no or a minute change.

    Just keep on and make Your goal :)
  • smaerosesmaerose Posts: 18Member Member Posts: 18Member Member
    If you are weighing more than once a day, that moves into obsession territory. Once a day, on a regular basis, similar circumstances each time, that is scientific measurement. If weighing every day makes you obsess, do not do it. If it helps you focus, it is a great idea.
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