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maintain weight or gain

HIRAL_NJHIRAL_NJ Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
I don't understand my next steps in regard to gaining or maintaining, im still learning about macro's etc

In 3 months I dropped 27lbs...i was unhappy with my size and the weight loss made me happy with my size.
I then hit the gym....on a 5 day schedule rotating light weights and cardio. Weight was pretty stable..losing a few lbs here and there... I do 5 days a week pure weights/resistance, track my macro's and LOVE the gym.

My goal is to get stronger and build defined muscle. My weight is 102lbs, 5-1 height, my BF is 19%.
Over the last 8 weeks I have seen an improvement in strength and am lifting heavier or longer almost every session. I can see improved muscle definition. However, my weight and body fat have stayed the same over these 8 weeks.

So to continue seeing results...should i be trying to MAINTAIN weight or GAIN weight?
I don't understand how my stats haven't changed but my performance and 'look' has changed.


  • HIRAL_NJHIRAL_NJ Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    I m different person with similar issues
  • sardelsasardelsa Posts: 8,221Member Member Posts: 8,221Member Member
    HIRAL_NJ wrote: »
    I m different person with similar issues

    Then you just copied her post exactly and filled in your stats? :|

    Well see the link above to see what other people said and if you feel it applies
  • MaxxittMaxxitt Posts: 1,051Member Member Posts: 1,051Member Member
    It may be that you are in recomp mode. As long as you feel fine (sleeping fine, normal menses, skin and hair and nails all fine) and getting sufficient micronutrients, maintaining scale weight isn't a bad thing. In terms of body fat, there is almost no way you can get an accurate reading of what that is unless you get measured a person experienced with calipers or get dexa or bod pod measurements. You'll notice physical effects (loss of or irregular menses and problems with hair, skin and nails) if your body fat drops too low.
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