Ways you enjoy going to bed!!!

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I enjoy sleep alone and with very warm clothes... what about you?


  • guil0095
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    Cozy pj's, hot water bottle and a fan :D
  • guil0095
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    Clean sheets & freshly shaved legs = heaven. Am I right ladies?

    100%!!!! Freshly cleaned sheets=the best sleep ever! <3
  • Finishiitnow
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    Having been married 35 years, Mrs. finally made a king sized afghan for us. I like having that thing on top.

    Wait! Did you say 35 years? Wow that is very impressive.
  • Keto_Vampire
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    Cold, buried under many layers...contrary to OP's liking, with shirt & pants on...lol
  • Nicksmom106
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    bojack5 wrote: »
    I sleep with my pups on my bed every night

    Aw👍😍🙌🏼.......lucky pups😏
  • Tankiscool
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    Naked, heat really low so its a cool crisp room, one blanket on in the middle of the bed. Sometimes on my side with or on my back sprawled out.
  • Nicksmom106
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    I love cool sheets and extra pillows but only one or two at a time til it gets too warm and then I get a nice cool one again.. Usually my little buddy who is not so little anymore sneaks in and cuddles up to me...😍....then wakes up and promptly tells mom to "get out!"🙄 I enjoy the earlier part much more....😏
  • kodiakke
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    A heavy blanket, a cold room, and darkened windows, with any light extinguished (even LED power lights...) and a noise generator so I don't hear anything else. On my side, pillow between my knees, pillows in front and behind me. Buried naked.
  • Nicksmom106
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    Vikka_V wrote: »
    Naked, fan on, laying diagonal or on the right side of the bed, on my back with arms crossed over my chest

    **edit to add
    I dont sleep well often, a long time ago I just pictured myself in a coffin, on my back, arms crossed against my chest...this is how I lay, when I can't sleep...it's comforting to me now, peaceful "looking" anyhow

    😁 you're the cutest vik!🤗😘👍