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Anyone lost weight just by counting calories, creating a deficit & no exercise?

lemonginger35lemonginger35 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member


  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 8,586Member Member Posts: 8,586Member Member
    Me, me, me! I lost 40 lbs just counting calories. I’m a 5’2” woman 54 yo. I’m working on the last 20, in January I started doing 30-40 minutes of walking, brisk pace (3.5mph), 5x’s a week. It’s so much easier without that 40 lbs to lug around!

    When people say this, I always think "What am I doing wrong?" - because I notice very little difference in my abilities after losing well over 100 lb. I was always energetic though, so I guess that's good!
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Posts: 285Member Member Posts: 285Member Member
    Lots of times. But not this time. I'm working on overall health not just a smaller waistline.
  • garystrickland357garystrickland357 Posts: 406Member Member Posts: 406Member Member
    I lost my first 30 pounds with diet alone.
  • everjcjveverjcjv Posts: 190Member Member Posts: 190Member Member
    Yes my exercise is very minimal. Walking here and there. Mainly diet has me at a loss of 24 pounds so far.
  • caindove11caindove11 Posts: 56Member Member Posts: 56Member Member
    Yes, lost the initial 25 lbs, just from counting calories. I incorporated exercise before losing the next 20 lbs.
  • hazelenihazeleni Posts: 52Member Member Posts: 52Member Member
    I started by tracking calories but the pounds dropped way faster with exercise
  • jbud52jbud52 Posts: 7Member Member Posts: 7Member Member
    Broke my foot over Thanksgiving, 11 weeks ago almost to the day. Started logging that day after stepping on the scale. I chose "lightly active" and "-1.5 lbs/week" as my goals. I'm currently down almost 22lbs and I'm back under 200 lbs (78 day MFP logging streak, woo!). I got outta the boot and began exercising one month ago, so 7 of those weeks were literally zero exercise. If you do the math, I'm averaging nearly -2.0 lbs/week. I'm 39% of the way to my goal weight of 165 and officially being in the "normal" weight range according to BMI charts. New secondary goal: 15% body fat.

    I hate the idea of fad diets, so here's my plan: 1) eat whatever I want; 2) try to get close to 50/20/30 or 50/25/25 carb/protein/fat macros but this one isn't a firm rule, more of a guideline; 3) include as few processed foods as possible, basically try to avoid anything with preservatives; and 4) try super hard not to go over that daily cal goal. The magic thing about this diet? You only need two things: MFP and a food scale at home that you can buy for $10.

    You got this.
  • jryepin93jryepin93 Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    I did this for about two months. I injured my knee and was unable to do any time of exercise (except for swimming, which I don't enjoy). I just stayed at a slight deficit and lost .5 pounds a week until I was able to workout again.
  • wessecgwessecg Posts: 400Member Member Posts: 400Member Member
    I just started because I had surgery on my foot. I'm down 3 pounds in 18 days.
  • TshearwoodTshearwood Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hello there, I worked a desk job and went from 332 to 190 by creating a deficit. If you can't exercise right now that's ok, if you can don't log it and it'll just make your deficit even larger :)
  • FinkelstienFinkelstien Posts: 55Member Member Posts: 55Member Member
    yup! From 96 kg. to 73 kg.
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