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Ice Cream Substitutes



  • AnnofBAnnofB Posts: 2,617Member Member Posts: 2,617Member Member
    Noosa yogurt and Siggy's yogurt... both very tasty.
  • Sunshine_And_SandSunshine_And_Sand Posts: 877Member Member Posts: 877Member Member
    The yoplait yogurt can be frozen. It makes a decent consistency. It comes in lots of flavors, has some lighter options, and is already portioned out for you. I think you can freeze the gogurts as well for an even more convenient grab and go frozen snack.
  • midlomel1971midlomel1971 Posts: 944Member Member Posts: 944Member Member
    Lately I'm obsessed with Outshine ice pops. I think they're like 30-40 calories? All I know is that the lime ones taste like margaritas....basically summer on a stick.
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