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kyraleigh7163kyraleigh7163 Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
Share your routines! What does everyone do to make your workouts less boring


  • JBanx256JBanx256 Posts: 348Member Member Posts: 348Member Member
    If you find something you really enjoy, it won't be boring...

    Experiment and try different things, whether it be lifting weights, CrossFit, running (I think I'd rather be shot in the face), swimming, cycling, Zumba, pilates, yoga, whatever. It's not supposed to make you miserable!

    Me, personally - I usually lift weights 5x per week and throw a little bit of cardio in after lifting a few of those days. Then once or twice a week (on my days off from lifting), I do some conditioning/GPP work
  • collectingbluescollectingblues Posts: 2,310Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,310Member, Premium Member
    I do what makes me happy.

    A good workout shouldn't be flat-out boring. There may be boring parts (AKA: Why I listen to podcasts if I'm on a treadmill, and why I'm glad my running trail has a lot of hills, and pretty visuals), but not enough that i need to start adding stuff into it to make it "less" boring.
  • MonkeyMel21MonkeyMel21 Posts: 2,366Member Member Posts: 2,366Member Member
    While on the treadmill I watch really interesting shows and time flies by. For strength training I use Fitnessblender and do a variety of work outs while listening to upbeat music.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Posts: 36,177Member Member Posts: 36,177Member Member
    I lift a couple days per week with a full body program and spend a lot of time cycling on my road bike. I do a little hiking, rock climbing, and swimming as well.

    Find a physical activity you enjoy and do that. If you're bored, you're doing it wrong and you're never going to stick with it.
  • Running2FitRunning2Fit Posts: 710Member Member Posts: 710Member Member
    I run 3 days a week.
    Elliptical and strength training twice a week.
    Occasionally I do yoga on a rest day.

    I signed up to do a half-marathon in September. Having a specific fitness goal to work toward helps keep me invested in my workouts. I also like having a plan to follow, I feel like it makes my workouts feel more purposeful.
  • Duck_PuddleDuck_Puddle Posts: 2,432Member Member Posts: 2,432Member Member
    I do things I enjoy. Which means I run a lot. I also bike, bike and do anything else I can to be outside.

    Being cooped up in a gym is miserable for me.

    I do lift weights (when I have to) and do some yoga but I really much prefer to be outside doing things - mostly running.
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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 1,674Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,674Member, Premium Member

    Kettlebell complex work - 1 to 2 days a week
    Pull-ups and bar dips - once a week
    Burpees - once a week unless I wimp out and it does happen
    Running - 1 to 2 days a week
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 10,613Member Member Posts: 10,613Member Member
    Another vote for "find the fun". I'm such a weak character, with an extreme hedonic bent, that I wouldn't do it if it wasn't so fun that I'd do it even if it weren't good for me.

    I think of myself as an on-water rower, and usually row 4 days a week in season. I also do spin classes two days a week all year long as cross-training (I find the intensity and the group environment fun). In Winter, my volume is for sure lower, but I do some machine rowing so I don't have to start fitness over at square one when we go out on the water in Spring, and to work on technique.

    In the good weather I also do some cycling and other active stuff just for fun. I stretch or do some physical therapy exercises most days; that feels good.

    I strength train when I can talk myself into it (don't love it, but it's The RIght Thing To Do), try to swim occasionally (hate it, but a rower's gotta swim).
  • Goober1142Goober1142 Posts: 193Member Member Posts: 193Member Member
    Play poker on my iPad while on the treadmill. Listen to Hamilton soundtrack and lift heavy things. Really loud lol plus I make a Moka pot and drink it while I work out. Best part of my day.
  • MaxxittMaxxitt Posts: 999Member Member Posts: 999Member Member
    I keep the cardio short and varied, and work a particular strength program that I enjoy.
  • gonnagetfitnow2014gonnagetfitnow2014 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    I find a show on YouTube that I really like and watch it while I am on the treadmill and elliptical. I also have my ipod on while lifting weights.
  • hobbitses333hobbitses333 Posts: 296Member Member Posts: 296Member Member
    I got some headphones and love to lift weights to heavy metal music 2 to 3 x per week (wish I could do more but Dr says no), I walk at least 30 to 40 mins 2 to 3 x per week, I do elliptical or rowing to 2 to 3 x per week, and anything else like hiking, swimming, etc is bonus...some days I do two things at once like weightlifting and rowing...some days I do nothing at all and take a nap...overall 54 lbs down from where I started on MFP only 240 days ago. The headphones really help get me into the zone of working my body... best purchase ever!

    Once I reach my first goal of 250 lbs ( 13 lbs to go...)I am going to take belly dancing once a week. When I hit 100 lbs lost (217) I am going to learn the arts of how to wield a heavy broad sword like a boss for something new to look forward to...

    I am doing whatever interests me and whatever I like to do...I hope you find our things too!

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  • DanpDanp Posts: 775Member Member Posts: 775Member Member
    Simple. I don't do anything I find boring =)

    There are just way to many fun activities I can do to get fit that I just flat out refuse to do something I don't enjoy.
  • jnomadicajnomadica Posts: 176Member Member Posts: 176Member Member
    Workout with a friend! This is very motivating for me, it’s fun to have someone to chat with and cheer you on. When I’m alone, I usually listen to an audiobook.
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