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Who else can’t make chicken to save your life?



  • rhaiinrhaiin Posts: 625Member Member Posts: 625Member Member
    Always use a food thermometer when cooking chicken. Its so easy to overcook, especially if you're using chicken breasts.

    I also agree with the above comments about just buying a rotisserie chicken if you want a whole chicken. You can even use the leftover bones to make a good stock. Honestly, the difference in price for a pre-cooked chicken versus doing it yourself is very little.

  • DandylinesDandylines Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
    Keep looking for good recipes and keep trying. Check out UTube and other free on line recipes. I make chicken breasts in a pan - medium heat with a little olive oil and simmered so they do not dry out and add one of several spice blends I have on hand. We like a pineapple curry spice blend or add a little Italian herbs. I also have a blend for tandoori chicken and add a little yogurt (less than 1 tb. in each portion.) Lots and lots of other possibilities.
  • purplefizzypurplefizzy Posts: 397Member Member Posts: 397Member Member
    COGypsy wrote: »
    Another vote for grocery store rotisserie chicken. Anything else is pretty much wasted kitchen time.

    I used to to subscribe to this philosophy when time-pressed.
    Then I started reading labels a bit closer, and realized that my beloved birds were ‘injected with up to 12% of a solution of blablabla’ - All things that were NOT chicken.
    These days I stay away needle-enhanced meal at a general rule. Conventional farming makes that difficult so I do pasture raised whenever possible.

    That all said: we pick our battles. Rotisserie is a time-saving option that is likely to correlate with better health markers than chicken nugget-type options, is more palatable then poorly prepared chx breasts, and far more versatile.
  • tarcottitarcotti Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    I didn't read anything else here so excuse me if this is repeated. If your chicken is hard and not moist you are simply overcooking it. Ya know what is full proof is just putting it in the crock pot for a few hours! Always moist, and so easy. You can google it to see how long to do it for and what temp.
  • tuddy315tuddy315 Posts: 5,918Member Member Posts: 5,918Member Member
    Boneless skinless makes me sorta sad.

    I knew someone once who BOILED chicken breasts. That made me shudder.

    Actually, there is nothing wrong with this. I simmer chicken breasts on the stove top all the time. Then shred the meat with a fork to use in soups or baked Mexican dishes. It also gives me the chicken stock I need for soups without all the added salt from canned stocks.
  • corrarjocorrarjo Posts: 1,343Member Member Posts: 1,343Member Member
    160 excellent chicken recipes, with videos.

    Right click and open in a new tab or window. with Chef John
  • Carol_LCarol_L Posts: 294Member Member Posts: 294Member Member
    Two words: Immersion Circulater (or Sous-Vide if you want to get technical).

    Take a frozen chicken breast, some fresh herbs and seal them in a zip lock back, making sure you get all of the air out before sealing (straws work well for this)

    Attach your immersion circulater to the side of a large pot and add hot water. Set temperature to 144 degrees and set the timer for 1.5 hours and drop bagged chicken into pot.

    Go for a walk, prep your vegetables/sides, set table.

    Remove perfectly done, juicy chicken breast, saving the stock in the bag for soups or other cooking.
  • whatalazyidiotwhatalazyidiot Posts: 343Member Member Posts: 343Member Member
    Omg me. I use a thermometer, stop it immediately at 165 and still manage to ruin it like 90% of the time. I get rotisserie's from the grocery store usually, but even those are only meh. After like the first day, it gets dry and weird.
  • JohnnytotheBJohnnytotheB Posts: 351Member Member Posts: 351Member Member
    When I ate chicken I would slice it into 1/4 inch medallions and cook it in butter. The butter lent a nice flavor and the smaller portions cooked quicker and you could easily tell when it was done!
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 3,694Member Member Posts: 3,694Member Member
    If you are roasting a whole chicken, spatchcock it by cutting down the backbown with poultry shears or a strong pair of regular scissors. Spread the chicken out on the roasting tin and press down with your palm on the breast to flatten it. In my experience spathcocking is the only way to roast a whole chicken so that the breasts and legs are done at the same time.

    This technique makes use of the fact that in conventional oven, it is hotter on the perimeter (where the legs are) than the centre (where the breasts are). If I don't spatchcock, I always end up with overcooked breasts if I roast until the legs are done.
  • Theo166Theo166 Posts: 2,287Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,287Member, Premium Member
    I buy the frozen breasts and use them just as an ingredient in stir fry, stew, curry, etc.
    Can't recall last time I had a whole chicken, unless it was cooked by Costco :blush:
  • LounmounLounmoun Posts: 8,433Member Member Posts: 8,433Member Member
    Literally wasted 1 hour of my time and the chicken tastes terrible! Hard, over cooked, tough And I’m on the verge of a breakdown 🙄😒

    How did you cook it? Did you follow a recipe or just chuck a raw plain boneless, skinless breast in the oven?
    It sounds like it was mainly cooked too long. If you are baking chicken breast maybe start checking for doneness with a meat thermometer about 25 minutes. It should be about 165° F.
    Add some liquid to your baking dish and/or cover with foil.
  • amgreenwellamgreenwell Posts: 1,260Member Member Posts: 1,260Member Member
    I haven't read all the replies but the best chicken is roasted. No matter what the cut and no matter what the seasoning if you roast it the juices all stay in and it's great.
    Take two chicken breasts, season well, put in a baking dish with some chicken broth or water, put aluminum foil on top. Set oven to 350 or so. Cook for about 40 minutes. Use a meat thermometer to make sure it is cooked fully. as you experiment you'll find other ways to cook chicken that are good. I love pan seared but you've got to have a thin cut and great seasoning.
  • missysippy930missysippy930 Posts: 1,191Member Member Posts: 1,191Member Member
    If you are doing boneless, skinless chicken breasts, use a meat mallet to pound them to an even thickness. I don’t use frozen breasts (they are soaked in a saline brine before being frozen usually), but if you do, make sure they are thawed first. You can use a ziplock bag or plastic wrap for pounding them in. Key to not over cooking because it’s equal thickness. Also an instant read thermometer. Bake or sauté with your favorite spices, seasonings, herbs. Letting the cooked breast rest before slicing or eating, helps keep the juices in the cooked meat.
  • hesn92hesn92 Posts: 5,488Member Member Posts: 5,488Member Member
    I do chicken breasts a lot. My favorite way to cook them now is in the cast iron pan. I get them nice and browned on both sides and then if they are still not done I will finish them in the oven. I use a meat thermometer. They taste good to me. Typically I only make chicken breast to put in things like stir fry, pasta, etc. but sometimes I do make them to just eat with sides (veg, potato etc) and I still like them that way.
  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 987Member Member Posts: 987Member Member
    Great ideas!!!!
  • Sclark5759Sclark5759 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Haha i guess I'm just lucky that my husband and myself like Chicken, or Turkey meat cooked very well done. We like it dry. So it's easy to cook😉
  • kbmnurse1kbmnurse1 Posts: 316Member Member Posts: 316Member Member
    Chicken is easy to make. Pre heat black skillet in oven (350) with small amount Olive Oil. Coat bottom of pan with Italian seasoning and Garlic powder. Let the skillet get hot. Add boneless/skinless chicken thighs. Season other side of thighs with Italian seasoning/Garlic Powder. Cook x 25 min-turn-15 min more. We have these over Spinach salad. These thighs can be used for anything. Moist and delicious.
  • melissaulmenmelissaulmen Posts: 123Member Member Posts: 123Member Member
    I always brine mine and then bake it.
    Pinterest has a ton of baking options
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