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First day of counting calories instead of slimming world

EnglishRose16EnglishRose16 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Hi everyone, my name is Michelle and its my first day of calorie counting.I got to target with slimming world(lost nearly 4stone) but after holidays etc a fair bit of weight has gone back on.I'm determined to get it back off by doing calorie counting.Thanks for your support


  • Jackie9003Jackie9003 Posts: 484Member, Greeter, Premium Member Posts: 484Member, Greeter, Premium Member
    Welcome to MFP, counting calories is all about being accurate, if you haven't got a food scale I would highly recommend getting one. Good luck :)
  • tess453tess453 Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    Good luck! I'm doing the same, cancelling my SW membership tomorrow!
  • kbroadhurst93kbroadhurst93 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I’m doing the same! First time I’ve counted calories though.
  • thanos5thanos5 Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    welcome and good luck! i'm down 51 lbs just counting calories and eating better, it's very beneficial!
  • kayfaeikayfaei Posts: 213Member Member Posts: 213Member Member
    Welcome! It may even feel a little bit daunting counting calories at first but just give it a week, It will become second nature! I can't express enough to get a digital food scale :) They go as cheap at 14.99 on Amazon
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  • allieelliott17allieelliott17 Posts: 8Member, Premium Member Posts: 8Member, Premium Member
    I'm doing the same. Lost 3 stone on SW but after staying the same for basically 2 years and not at target I am trying something different and fresh.
    Fingers crossed this will help the last 2 stone shift. Good luck guys. Please add me if you want. :smiley:
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