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FASTer way to fat loss program

neharding4553neharding4553 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Hi fellow MFP’s! Has anyone completed the FASTer way to fat loss program, and if so, do you mind sharing your success? I just started the 6 week program today!


  • vsg1960vsg1960 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I just started Monday. How have you done. Anxious to see how this does.
  • neharding4553neharding4553 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I just started Monday also! So far so good. I was excited to have more carbs today lol. Good luck! Keep in touch :)
  • ebenbrika3205ebenbrika3205 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I start tomorrow!! Keep in touch!
  • crazyleightoncrazyleighton Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    What is the 6 week challenge?
  • silkyb1silkyb1 Posts: 47Member Member Posts: 47Member Member
    What is this 6wk program?
  • micknabmicknab Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I start the Faster Way in May. How are you doing so far?
  • Angief05Angief05 Posts: 41Member Member Posts: 41Member Member
    what is this program?
  • hafsatoheed2019hafsatoheed2019 Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    Flowers21 wrote: »
    I am just finishing week 5!
    This journey has been AMAZING and I LOVE IT. The 16/8 fasting is SO EASY. The Carb cycling sounds crazy, but it works. I didn't start noticing changes until week 3, when a bra I bought had been a bit too small to hook & it fit. Since then, my favorite pairs of "active" wear, mostly PJ pants, have all gotten looser. My energy levels are balancing out. I have recently had a sinus infection and not once did I feel like I needed different foods. I don't get headaches from any of it. Honestly, the hardest is part is all the food I eat. It takes 2 weeks to get used to eating so much. Learning to meal plan effectively has been a huge benefit. Switching from counting stupid calories to counting macros is not only easy but took the stress out of what I am eating. For me, FWTFL has, so far, been everything it was cracked up to be.
    Good luck, ladies. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I am. I just signed up for Round #2 because I love how I feel & the progress I am seeing.
    What is this program plz share some details
    May that’s the one I can stick to

  • floofyschmooferfloofyschmoofer Posts: 209Member Member Posts: 209Member Member
    As a rule, I don't support MLMs-- however, I do have a coworker or 2 doing it who have seen some results! Good luck.
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Posts: 42,781Member, Greeter Member Posts: 42,781Member, Greeter Member
    Just another program showing how to cut calories to lose weight. EVERY DIET PROGRAM WORKS, if you adhere to it.

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  • efrensgirl2015efrensgirl2015 Posts: 483Member Member Posts: 483Member Member
    I completed the 6 week round 2 weeks ago. So it's been 2 months since I started. I have lost 15 pounds and didn't do the workouts - not that I recommend skipping excerise, but I got phenomenal results with just the dietary tweaks. Had I worked out, my results would have been even better. This all happened while consuming 2,000 calories a day. Monday and Tuesday are low carb days - 50 net carbs and Wednesday-Sunday my carb goal was over 230g a day! That's a lot of fruit, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, oatmeal, rice, etc. I didn't have to consume any nasty powdered shakes or do any crazy cleanses. The program also gives you a treat on the weekend as long as it fits in your macros. This program is super sustainable and intuitive and is made for the long haul, not a quick fix. If you are on the fence and can swing the cost, I absolutely recommend you try it. Not everyone has the same experience perhaps but it's a total game changer for me.
  • efrensgirl2015efrensgirl2015 Posts: 483Member Member Posts: 483Member Member
  • PinkclemonadePinkclemonade Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Tried it last year. Lost a few pounds but didn't like the program. I joined for the accountability and support and felt I got neither. Wish I would have saved my money. Don't recommend it.
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