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Maintenance Harder than Losing?

jan110144jan110144 Posts: 996Member, Premium Member Posts: 996Member, Premium Member
I am in my third month of maintenance. So far, I have found it to be much more challenging than losing! I have had more problems with uncontrolled eating (in terms of frequency over a fairly short time period) than I ever had during the active weight loss phase. I am still in my maintenance range, but the inconsistencies bother me. I am working on figuring out what this is.

Anyone else having problems figuring out maintenance? Insights? Suggestions?


  • sijomialsijomial Posts: 15,383Member Member Posts: 15,383Member Member
    Not for me - I might be a bit unusual in that I maintained within a reasonably narrow band while I was overweight rather than having a gradual weight increase that many have.
    My diet was an unpleasant interlude of eating a bit less and then I returned to what I regard as "normal" maintenance. I do monitor my weight daily but I always did that when I was chubby too.

    As regards "inconsistencies" - I don't suffer from uncontrolled eating but I do expect inconsistency in my food intake, my exercise, my activity level and of course my weight. To me that's just part of life rather than something I want to micro manage.

    Apart from your calorie limit what did you change whilst you were in your weight loss phase?
  • nxd10nxd10 Posts: 4,495Member, Premium Member Posts: 4,495Member, Premium Member
    I found it easier, but I did have to watch what I ate. I added back carbs first. They tend to make me hungry. Up your protein (and fat) and watch your macros. I try to keep my carbs under 40%. It makes me much less hungry and it's healthier too.
  • SummerSkierSummerSkier Posts: 900Member, Premium Member Posts: 900Member, Premium Member
    Here is the link to the thread I was talking about. Some good links inside it also. One thing I have found is that maintenance is not some stagnant consistent thing either. It is it's own beast or angel and changes over time. Sort of like life. ;)
  • DilvishDilvish Posts: 397Member Member Posts: 397Member Member
    I am having the same problem but I recognize sustained weight loss is a lifestyle change and for me something I have to incorporate for the rest of my days, so I just keep logging my foods, keep exercising and watching what I eat.
    Most days I feel as though I'm just not satisfied and just keep eating. I also know that it means adding more exercise or eating less the next day. It takes time and patience and the journey continues. sustained weight loss has no destination, IMHO.
  • WeighandPrayWeighandPray Posts: 45Member, Premium Member Posts: 45Member, Premium Member
    Personally, maintaining was like Christmas every day for me. I did it for a year and a half, and the extra 500 calories never got old. It was only when I was getting bad about logging and started guesstimates that I had trouble. Now, I've set a new goal for myself (a bf %), and the results are so slow that I yearn for the good old (maintenance) days.
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 503Member Member Posts: 503Member Member
    admaarie wrote: »
    I was struggling with maintenance for a few months and I had to be honest with myself
    - my initial weight was harder for me to maintain personally. 10 lbs up and I’m fine
    - I had a bad relationship with food that I had to repair before anything else can take place
    - I had to be honest with myself.

    Once I got my *kitten* together, which has really only been for a few months I understood that maintenance isn’t going to always be linear and for me it’s about constantly getting back on track &/or trying new things

    Yes, definitely. Me and my thoughts around food were very disordered. It's once I started digging into why I felt this overwhelming need to control, to over-restrict and then inevitably lose control, that I finally healed (or am in the process of healing). I'm even in therapy for it so I can knock it for good this time and just enjoy food--eat enough but not too much--stay active, and enjoy life. I got too much stuff to do for it to take up this much of my mental bandwidth.
  • twdlove89twdlove89 Posts: 95Member Member Posts: 95Member Member
    When I see my goal range on the scales I get too comfortable and eat rubbish cuz I feel like I can. I still do my exercising but eating is the problem for me.
    I’m so bloated recently so today I’ve been shopping for lots of fruit and veg and other healthy food. I have some dark choc in the house when I’m craving sweet things but I’m gonna try to not go overboard anymore.
    When I was losing weight I found it easy to eat healthy and saying no to temptation but when I hit maintenance I just seem to relax too much
  • Sharon_CSharon_C Posts: 2,065Member Member Posts: 2,065Member Member
    Maintenance for me (and I've only been doing it since January) is the same as cutting. I still weigh and log my food. I still work out, I still weigh myself every single morning. I can just eat more calories.
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