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is your family concerned that you are still using a food scale?

csplattcsplatt Posts: 429Member Member Posts: 429Member Member
I've gotten a comment or two a la "I thought you said you were done losing weight?" I pretty much am, but I get comfort from still using the food scale to reach my maintenance calories. In reality, it is freeing because it shows me that I can eat more than I instinctively think I should. But it seems to be a red flag in some way to others, who think I need to relax.


  • Susieq_1994Susieq_1994 Posts: 5,345Member Member Posts: 5,345Member Member
    Nope. My family got used to it, and it no longer seems to even register in their minds. My sister uses one religiously as well. Of course, by "family" I only mean my mom and brother; my extended family members would probably think I was nuts if they knew about it at all. :D
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 4,851Member Member Posts: 4,851Member Member
    No. My husband is used to me doing it and nobody else knows, if I am out somewhere I just make a sensible guesstimate.
    Or things like my lunch box for work are pre weighed at home.
  • neldabgneldabg Posts: 1,419Member Member Posts: 1,419Member Member
    My parents confuse my scale for a "tablet" all the time and still refer to it as a tablet whenever I clarify what it really is. To be fair, English is not their native language and they aren't the most tech savvy people. My family seems to get that I use it for portion control, and they don't seem concerned about it.
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  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 3,686Member Member Posts: 3,686Member Member
    No, my family knows it’s important for me to weigh my food as my hunger & non-hunger signals are not clear. I also love to use it because otherwise I’m adding extra calories & I don’t get to eat as much.

    It’s especially important in maintenance!
  • amusedmonkeyamusedmonkey Posts: 9,460Member Member Posts: 9,460Member Member
    Not mine, no. Culturally, the food scale doesn't have negative associations here. Most houses have one and many people use it often. When I first started using it for logging my family "got it" right away and it made sense to them that it's an accurate way to record my portions.
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Posts: 3,991Member Member Posts: 3,991Member Member
    Me too. I live in a foreign country and we use a scale to weigh out ingredients everyday. It's a part of life and no one blinks an eye.
  • magpye76magpye76 Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    I got an eyeroll when i got back from holiday and immediately started weighing my lunch! Still working out my actual maintenance level so he'll just have to deal with it :)
  • deputy_randolphdeputy_randolph Posts: 799Member Member Posts: 799Member Member
    ...been using my food scale for a couple of years (not currently losing weight). I'm just used to using it; I can "eyeball" portions pretty well now, but the scale is right there (might as well use it). This doesn't phase my husband at all.

    People at work actually think it's perfectly fine too; I've mentioned that I use 1 and the response has been positive. If you need it to stay on track (and it doesn't interfere with normal still go out and eat at restaurants or parties and don't freak out without the scale)....then it's not a crutch.
  • BattyKnitterBattyKnitter Posts: 502Member Member Posts: 502Member Member
    I'm not maintaining now, back to losing, but when I was I kept using a scale, been using it for years so everyone is used to it. My parents own a scale and I use it when I visit, when we host a potluck I use my scale so my friends are also used to it.
  • kami3006kami3006 Posts: 4,992Member, Greeter, Premium Member Posts: 4,992Member, Greeter, Premium Member
    I only use it at home and my husband is very supportive. There are few others who see me use it as we're pretty introverted folk. My dad and his wife both use one at home and log on MFP. And, my in-laws, who visit a few times a year, are very laid back, non-judgy people, so they're happy if I am.

    But, even if they weren't supportive, it would be their problem. Using a scale has made my life immeasurably easier and is definitely freeing.
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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 2,096Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,096Member, Premium Member
    I'm not a scale person but my current IF practices have drawn a few raised eyebrows. At the start of my journey, I made a promise to myself that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, was going to sabotage my current efforts. And, over 200 days later, this has been my case. Good for you for doing what has worked for you. Keep marching forward even though you've apparently "arrived."
  • apullumapullum Posts: 3,609Member Member Posts: 3,609Member Member
    No, my husband is used to it, and the rest of my family lives far enough away that they don't know details of my daily routine. However, they've experienced enough issues with obesity, yo-yo dieting, and weight related health problems that most of them understand. They've seen what happens when people just "stop dieting."
  • staticsplitstaticsplit Posts: 450Member Member Posts: 450Member Member
    It's mostly just my husband who sees me use it and he doesn't care, but I get self conscious around others I don't know as well as I do worry it looks obsessive. I tend to just guess when lots of people are over since I have a good eye for it by now--like yesterday when my husband's parents were over. They're also the type to constantly keep asking me if I want food and seeming a bit annoyed when I say no, which I start finding stressful after awhile. My fridge is also now full of sausage rolls and cake that they bought and left, which I don't even want but also don't want to go to waste now they're gone. Grr.

    Sometimes I wish I could bring it to other people's houses to measure out meals but I know I'd get some weird looks.
  • firecat1987firecat1987 Posts: 798Member, Premium Member Posts: 798Member, Premium Member
    thankfully i live with just my son so he doesn't see it as odd or anything.
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