Any Canadians out there or anyone for Moral support!!



  • kcpond
    kcpond Posts: 628 Member
    No snow, just rain :( . Well I need to get the bike out so warmer weather would be nice. Only 15 tomorrow for me though.
  • blackbear555
    blackbear555 Posts: 21 Member
    We had everything today here in Nova Scotia. Rain, hail, snow and sunshine lol a mixed bag of a Canadian spring!
  • stevefromtherock
    stevefromtherock Posts: 1,150 Member
    In Newfoundland we had a mixture of snow, rain and freezing rain yesterday and bit of rain today. They a calling for some snow for tomorrow.
  • Near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! Got my plan in place and hope I stick to it! 😁