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Thyroid Struggle is Real

laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
Hey y'all!! I have nodules on my thyroid and it has really made my life hard, weight management hard and relationships with everyone hard!! I thought I'd open up a place for us to vent share and maybe help each other get to a better place!! Support is a big help!!! Feel free to share ask questions vent cry whatever!! Open space to share your struggle and just know you are not alone!!!!!
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  • eutuxia_geo117eutuxia_geo117 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hey girl.. I also have thyroid and PCOS and I have struggled with my weight since I remember me.. about thyroid, I found out like two months ago and I started the medication.. I feel really motivated and Im certain that this time I'm going to lose my weight! I'm sure you can fight it and find all the motivation you need to not give up! One step at the time and every day you will be closer to your goals! 💪
  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    rosson wrote: »
    I have a 1 inch nodule on my thyroid. I'm having it removed in a few weeks. My levels are ok but I still don't feel right. I wish it wasn't so hard to lose weight. I get really frustrated sometimes but I'm not giving up.

    Wow!! I am so glad they are taking it out for you!!! I am sure that will help you!!! Stay positive and keep pressing forward!! Sending you strength!!! 💪👊💪👊
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  • yirarayirara Posts: 4,193Member Member Posts: 4,193Member Member
    fh1951 wrote: »
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 25+ years ago. Constant fatigue, depression. I began taking 100 mcg synthroid every morning and it made all the difference. A couple years ago my numbers were too low so my doctor prescribed an extra 50 mcg MWF. If you are on the med it is best to take it on an empty stomach and give it at least an hour to absorb before eating anything. My 2 cents...

    All of this! Get your medication fixed to feel better. Doctors are quick to say you are fine, but they should listen to you, not to some blood tests that can be influenced by pretty much everything. If you hare hypothyroid it won't get better because your thyroid is not able to produce sufficient amounts of the hormone your body needs anymore. Because in most cases it's an autoimmune disorder and your own body slowly attacks the thyroid. It doesn't heal. Hence a proper replacement therapy is needed that is based on how you feel.
  • Bex953172Bex953172 Posts: 2,677Member Member Posts: 2,677Member Member
    I live in the UK so my healthcare is a bit different.
    I have to take levothyroxine everyday for hypo.
    Got diagnosed at 15, now 27.
    Didnt really commit to the lifelong need of tablets.
    But i take them (almost) daily now

    I never realised until i read properly that it affects the metabolism of every organ in your body.

    As a pp said, it says on my box to take them before breakfast and not with caffeine for atleast 30 mins
    Also iron supplements/tablets affect absorption.

    Never heard about nodules though, what are they and how do you get that checked?

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  • ginnytezginnytez Posts: 320Member, Premium Member Posts: 320Member, Premium Member
    They can typically pick up on nodules by examining your neck (they can be felt). If they get large enough, they can be visible. A nodule does not mean cancer! They are very frequently not. You would also start noticing changes in your swallowing and possibly voice.
  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    I have three on one thyroid.... depending on witch is swelling and acting up depends on how I feel! I noticed the swelling first...but really symptoms started long before I just didn't know what they were!! Ultrasound showed how many and where and biopsy showed no cancer!!
  • promisesstandinpromisesstandin Posts: 150Member Member Posts: 150Member Member
    I take a supplement, Sea Kelp, that I order online from Dr. Berg. Don't know if that will help anyone here,... hope so. Kudos to everyone commenting and working to be healthy! Never give up!
  • MAJdanskMAJdansk Posts: 145Member Member Posts: 145Member Member
    Good to learn that some of you are losing weight despite hypothyroidism. I shot up 10# when my meds were changed. They're being cautious due to a nodule they're watching. With intermittent fasting (16/8) and trying to stay low carb, I'm slowly losing.
    I'm wondering about symptoms you all have. Are dizziness and leg cramps among them? I have hoarsness, but have thought it was from my asthma med.
  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    Dizziness is definitely a struggle!! Realized recently that my thyroid causes tension in my neck and shoulders which cause my scalp to hurt!! YOGA HELPS!! Drinking 10-20 glasses of water a day helps too!! Cramps may be potassium related!!! I know at first they upped my meds trying to shrink the nodules...made my eyes hurt and everything worse. Finally I stopped the meds!! Listen to your body!! Move when you are tired and push when it hurts!! I get hoarse from my nodules sometimes even a lisp!!
  • laceygaywilsonlaceygaywilson Posts: 330Member Member Posts: 330Member Member
    I really have to keep my emotions in check constantly and I get very insecure about my behavior and reactions to upsetting situations! I constantly doubt myself. I don't trust my feelings or emotions at all and I hate PMS!! My head is all over and I want to implode!!!! Anyone else????
  • emmies_123emmies_123 Posts: 357Member Member Posts: 357Member Member
    I have a small goiter in my neck due to thyroid, and my throat is almost always irritated to some degree. Feels as if I'm coming down with a cold/sore throat, but never gets serious enough for meds. Take levothyroxine every morning for the last however many years. I did go up in weight initially, but not terribly bad and I have worked it back off again over the past year.

    Does anyone else ever sometimes feel like their throat closes up/has marble in it when laying down? It doesn't happen often, but every now and again when i'm in bed it feels like I have obstruction in throat and can't breathe regardless of position I lay in.
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