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May Challenge: Maintainers Back on Track Thread



  • jrwms714jrwms714 Posts: 421Member Member Posts: 421Member Member
    Question for long-time maintainers: I am working hard at losing just 2 - 4 lbs. I am only 5'0" and older (72) so it will take longer than for most. I have been at maintenance for 4.5 years. See my post (just above). Exercise has been very regular but has been been stalled for the past month due to ongoing oral surgery work. I have always allowed myself a snack/treat of about 300-400 calories on days that I have earned gym calories. Working at losing the lbs. mentioned, and many days I am below my maintenance of 1500-1800. I would like to keep those snack/treats on my gym days, and have cut out all other snacks after dinner, etc. Your advice? Do I need to cut these out, too, in order to lose this weight? I wonder about feeling deprived and that working against me, or if I just need to white knuckle it to get those few lbs. off?
  • zeejane4zeejane4 Posts: 230Member Member Posts: 230Member Member
    psychod787 wrote: »
    zeejane4 wrote: »
    Name: zeejane
    How long in maintenance: 6 years
    Goal maintenance range: 130lbs-135lbs
    Current weight: 129.6lbs
    Current goal: getting weight to stabilize/stop losing :p

    Well, I'm in an odd situation. I've continued to lose weight and I'm now under my maintenance range. The combination of adding in almost daily walks, now that the weather is nicer, and then the lower carb intake I'm now doing that's significantly reduced my appetite, has caused things to be a bit of a mess, lol.

    Ran my numbers through a few TDEE calculators, as well as got some input from other members, and I'm going to start tracking my calories again and try and get in around 1,900 a day. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that number right now, as well as what that looks like on a lower carb/higher fat macros ratio.

    Could the lower carb intake cause water weight loss? Just a thought.

    I lost around 7lbs within a couple weeks of starting, but I'd think that's tapered off now that I'm about a month in?

    I'm not fond of tracking but am going to start back up for a while-have today's food inputed and realized that even with adding extra stuff today, I'm at around 1,500 calories. So if my TDEE is 1,800-1,900 then I've definitely been eating at a deficit. I feel so good/full on the lower carb macros ratios though, kind of frustrated right now!
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  • jrwms714jrwms714 Posts: 421Member Member Posts: 421Member Member
    @middlehaitch : Thanks! Your reply made total sense. I think I knew it but just needed to hear it. Also, I totally relate to your p.s.!
  • StargazerBStargazerB Posts: 326Member Member Posts: 326Member Member

    How long in maintenance: 2 years

    Goal maintenance range: 114-118lb

    Current weight: 119.4lb

    Current goal: to get back into my maintenance range

    Recent success: I've been able to maintain slightly above above my goal with a very hectic life right now

    Strategy for your goal: quit snacking on junk, be active every day, and no eating after dinner. I'm ok with it taking awhile to get back to my old range.
  • MadisonMolly2017MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 4,584Member Member Posts: 4,584Member Member
    fh1951 wrote: »
    I have been psychoanalyzing myself on the subject of ‘weight range’. At first I thought, ‘I’ll give myself a 10 pound range to stay within.’ After a while, I thought ‘Too wide a range doesn’t give me enough focus’. Next I considered a five pound range, but I thought ‘with a five pound range I’ll probably just settle at the high end of the range’. Then I started thinking ‘my ideal weight is probably somewhere between 180 and 184, so that’s what I’ll make as my range’ But then I started thinking ‘how can my ideal weight be 184 if it can also be 180’? Where I am in my mind now is ‘I need to decide on an ideal weight and try to stay there.’ However, I am human so I can expect to drift above it from time to time. When I get more than 2 pounds (3,4 5...???) above I will go on a campaign to get back down to it again. Now I am going back and forth with myself about what my ideal weight is. I have not reached a satisfying conclusion. I wore myself out thinking about this, time for a nap 😴

    @fh1951 I’ve been going through exactly the same “figuring”. My weight does not swing a lot & I lose weight very slowly, so I set my maintenance to <153 and scream weight to 155. Only 1/2 month into maintenance so far. I’m sure what we should do will emerge over the next 1-3 months!
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