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    I'm a vegetarian, and I do eat a lot of carbs, but only whole grain ones. There is a difference between the nutritional quality of white rice, white bread etc and whole grain (brown) rice, whole wheat bread, for example.
    Switching over to more whole grains would probably be a great way to start. You could also still include carbs when you really want them, then cut them out at times when they don't matter as much to you.

    I eat two meals that include whole wheat and rolled oats a day. For lunch, though, I skip the grains and eat a clear soup with lots of vegetables and some form of protein in it (so in my case, leafy greens and tofu or beans) or a chopped salad (I like chopped kale with temeph, sweet potato, and a tangy dressing made with lots of pureed, fresh basil, lemon juice, walnuts, etc. Those lunches fill me up so much I don't miss the grains at all. These are just examples. I don't think eating plenty of carbs is a bad thing, but I need to make room in my diet for more vegetables and legumes.

    I hope you can get some good ideas from others here.