Starting over...again



  • alpdexplorer
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    I can definitely relate!
    This is my fourth time "starting over."
    I am determined to keep at it and not have anymore restarts!

    My highest|starting weight was 260lbs on Jul 30th.
    I am currently at 250lbs.

    I lost weight back in 2010 (a little over 50lbs!) but gained it all back.

    This time around I'm struggling with knee problems (both knees) *hurt them years ago*
    and a back that constantly hurts.

    So if I can do it, anyone can. :) Just gotta do what works best for you!

    I just recently started "The Biggest Loser - 30 Day Challenge" (I think it's called),
    it is great for beginners and I love it so far. Going to definitely look into the other DVDs.

    Anyone can feel free to add me. I'm on here all the time!
    & will be your motivational|supportive friend. :)
  • lynnw24
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    Just started over myself this Monday. I recently lost about 45 pounds and gained it all back :(
    Feel free to add me...that goes for anyone.
  • bigtwagner
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    i can totally relate! Please add me for additional support. I have also recently started over. this is a tough road. i have never done anything this hard in my entire life. Weight loss is not something that can be done in a week or even two. it takes incredible commitment. I'm a lot more motivated this time around as I am now at my highest weight ever. I'm all for any new friend adds because there is no such thing as too many friends to support you!
  • I am starting over again as well!!! The good news is that we ARE starting over right?!! its better than just totally giving up!! Anyone can add me! Its game on this time! :)
  • karriechambers
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    go ahead and add me anyone who may want motivation and likes to motivate, I too am returning. My goal is 135 but I also want to gain muscle so I am not positive yet on what will happen with the scale. Good luck everyone!!!
  • Please feel free to add me
  • uidb5259
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    I am in the same boat. I have tried again and again. Right now I am at my highest weight of 250. I was down to low 230's only in April of this year. It is time for a change.

    Feel free to add me.
  • TabithaRose87
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    Same boat..Heaviest was 270(yikes!!! that was after having my four years old) I think Im 249 now(thats what the scale said this morning before eating lol) My goal is also around 140-160, whatever looks healthier, I do want to keep my curves though, it's going to be a tough road but I don't want to give up. I've been on and off this a few times because I get off track and am afraid to hold my self accountable for what I eat, but I am sick and tired of looking/feeling like this. I do need support and motivation as it's easy for me to fall off and get distracted, especially with three little ones. Feel free to add me(anyone)!! Having people on here to keep in touch with is a motivation for me to keep coming back .
  • Gianna44
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    Congrats for starting back! I just did the same last week - like to give/receive feedback as well. Request sent :)
  • Hi there! I would love to be friends! Anyone/everyone can send me a friend request too :)
  • Jen_ie
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    We're pretty much the same weight now and have the same goal weight! I signed up to MFP a few days ago and I have a grand total of 2 friends so far! Feel free to add me. :smile:
  • jjnt007
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    I am starting over again as of 7/15/2013. Last year on February 29 I weighed 241. In March, April, May and June I lost 10 pounds each month by using my fitnesspal, joining a gym, and zumba classes. In July I lost three pounds so I was at 198. I continued five days a week with zumba through the month of September than.........................I gained all of my weight back as of 7/15/2013. Why.......I have begun again I lost 15 pounds so far. I have left my weight lost at the original weight because it gives me motivation. I walk five days a week outside and I live in Texas so several days it has been 100 degrees. Good luck to you.
  • cpattyson63
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    This is my first time using myfitnesspal but as far as dieting go I am starting over again so to speak. I need girlfriends to do things with like bike ride or go to the Y with me. I live in Weston, Wi and moved here to WI a year ago and Only have one person I call a friend but she is sickly and not able to keep up with me. So need exercise pals. If anyone lives in the area and wants to go to the Y and swim with me let me know. If you are not a member I can get you in for $5 each time...but they do have a plan to help the needy and I was able to get a family plan for my hubby and me for $20 because we are low income. So never hurts to try.....
  • sab0834
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    Good luck to everyone on their jouneys
  • ecismotivated
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    I feel the same way! I re-started 2 weeks ago, was great for a week but didn't see immediate results and have faltered in my second week. Last night was a disaster for me (eating wise) but I'm starting fresh today and I'm not looking back. Let's do this! :)
  • Rawr1978
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    I'm going on an adding spree
  • liisa23
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    I am also starting over. I started using MFP in July, did great for about 2 weeks and then thought I didn't need it anymore. sub-conscious sure loves to sabotage me. :P Anyways...I have since GAINED weight (no kidding) since then, and I really am sick and tired of looking and feeling this way. Quite honestly....even though it sounds like a contradiction, I feel fine, but I just don't want to look like this anymore. When I met my BF, I was 45lbs lighter. Just before I met him, I had lost a whopping 70lbs, just with clean eating and running 3x a week. I have finally tipped over the 200lb mark, and am not okay with being back in this zone. I do consider myself lucky because my BF actually LOVES my curves and I really don't feel pressure to change, but I want to. I liked how I felt more when I was lighter. My goal weight is to be back around 165lbs, but quite honestly, I remember feeling really happy around 175lbs, so we'll see. I have a booty, I have hips, and have always been happy with my curves. I just want to feel better in my skin and my clothes again.

    So, I decided that this time around, I need support from those who are going through this also. It's one thing to talk to my BF and friends about it, but it's more important to talk with those who have similar goals.

    Anywho....there's just a smidgen of my story. Add me and let's DO THIS! :)
  • qtgonewild
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    don't give up. motivation comes from within. you can do it.
  • G__Force
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    I started off in the same boat, this is a wonderful place and I does make it easier with good supportive friends, I can always use a few more friend to motivate. Add me if you like. .:happy:
  • I know exactly what your going through! I myself have battled weight for all my life and have never truly been in shape. I am now 310 LBS and it sucks. I have lost 15 lbs and that leaves me at 310. I do Power Yoga with my 120 lbs girlfriend who is absolutely beautiful and in great shape. I'm 5'9 with a muscular endomorph build so i really look 250. I have tried my fitness pal numerous times but i'm finally ready for a change. A life style change. I have recently been diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder and i have had this disorder since i was a child. Give it your all and don't give up. There is a world of people behind you! Anyone can add me since i just started my profile. Good luck and hopefully we'll talk soon