Starting over...again



  • Hello I was on here before, then took a break, now back on here ready to change me life!! Looking for new friends to motivate me to keep going!!
  • I tried px90 and hurt myself pretty badly ended up stop working out all together because I was in so much pain from tearing a muscle then I gained more weight =[ be careful to those who try px90 listen to your body and know the difference between muscle pain and something serious!
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    I'm starting over, too! High five, chica!!

    I was on MFP in July 2011. I just searched my phone for calorie tracker apps and there it was! I did really well for 3 months and lost 29 lb but I started a new job in October 2011 and it all went down hill. The job was actually less stressful, but it was field based. It was harder to pack healthy breakfasts and lunches every day and I got tempted by my boss who liked going out to eat at lunch. I also fell off the wagon with exercise because I worked later, inconsistent hours. But now I took a promotion and I'm back in one place everyday and on a regular schedule. It makes it so much easier! I've been packing my week-long lunches again. I've also taken advantage of my schedule and started water aerobics, which I really really like. My back isn't killing me like when I go walking, but I get an even better work out than walking because I'm not shackled by gravity, plus we even do resistance training with water paddles. Oh, and I do a weekly hula dance class, too.

    I think what I need the most is some positive support. I learned that my family, who I live with, are absolutely warped in their thinking, and I've let their negativity become a self-fulfilling prophecy in the past. I had this epiphany when my mom and dad kept saying "You're getting fatter and fatter" even after I had lost 29 lbs. I think they're so used to giving me the same negative message all my life that they do it even when there is evidence to the contrary. But I'm learning to tune them out!! Unfortunately, my two bff's also suck at being supportive because they are just a little too self-absorbed to really be there for me. That was a hard lesson I've learned in these past few years, but at least I'm aware of it now.

    All in all, I'm hoping that I can find some kindness in strangers here. I could use some smiles and a pat on the back once in a while to supplement what I try to give to myself!! I know that will really help me stay on track this time because support and positive reinforcement have been my missing pieces! Hopefully I can share some love with the community, too.
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    I've just re-joined MFP today. Like so many of you I have lost and regained weight many times. I am hoping that with your support this time I will manage to get the weight off and keep it off. Please feel free to add me as a friend to support you with your weight loss journey.
  • HIYA

    I just sent you a friend request. I am in the same boat as you and at a similar weight and with similar goals. I really need to get a grip on this as I am a deal older than you and have succeeded before so I know I can do it again if only I can find my MOJO

  • Yep - me too!!!
    I have well and truly disgusted myself standing on the scales today....... October last year I started a new fitness regime and lost 1.5 stones and loved life.... Now not even a year on all my weight is back on and more, I am currently not working and reached a higher level of self loathing.....

    I am however sooooo prepared to put in the hard work, comittment and life changing choices to get this show on the road. Looking forward to sharing it with some people who are all going through the same choices and the rewards it will bring.

    Positive thoughts xxxx
  • Today was the first day back to school for my kids, but for me it's my first day back with MFP. I've reset my profile and am ready to get the weight off. I'm at my heaviest after losing 70 lbs two years ago. I could definitely use the motivation of others to help the process along.
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    Minnie, I'm with you! I lost weight, but I've regained it all. So frustrated! Your timing is perfect. I've decided to get back to being focused again, myself.
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    I am with you! I was determind - or I thought I was to lose weight for my wedding and if anything I gained! Looking at my wedding pictures makes me so upset with myself. I was sick for too long and gained 60lbs during that time (no thyroid = no matabolisum), I used that as my excuse and I honestly started to believe this is how I will always be. I haven't been happy and I am tired of it so I started back up last week., completely changed a few things and lost 5lbs already - the support/motivation I've gotten on here has helped A LOT! Feel free to add me :flowerforyou:
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    I started over again close to 2 months ago and am way more committed now than I've ever been!! Anyone can feel free to add me. I started at 253 and am down to 237 as of July 31st. I broke up with my scale that day and have decided to focus more on inches/fat loss- I'm down 18(!!!!!!) inches!!!
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    Feel free to add me. I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you do and I've have started over on and off for over a year. I have young kids and get discourage at times, but like you I decided that this time I am going to stick with it.
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    Me too :) I've tried everything, but I just can't seem to get motivated. Here's to us being successful this time around!
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    This is my fourth profile.
    The first time I tried to impress the strangers on here
    The second one was just way too much self hate for my own good
    The third one I put myself to unmeetable standards.

    None of that worked so I'm just going to be myself and honest because I've lived with that for the last 34 years, I don't believe that I can just decide to change a Lifestyle overnight by some inspiring experience. Change has to come so naturally you don't even realize it. I don't remember the Day I Got Fat. I just know that sometime in 1999 I weighed 127 pounds and sometime in 2003 I weighed 200 pounds and the rest of it is just me living my life. So maybe I can put that in reverse the same way.
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    I'm starting over again too---As of today I am going to make better decisions about my food and my exercising habits. I weighed at 186.6 this morning. This is almost what I weighed when I was pregnant with my twins several years ago, and I refuse to be this big. I need help getting back on track and being motivated. Please feel free to add me. PS if you send me a message, I will respond.
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    I'm also starting over. Lost 29lbs the first time around, and gained 20 back in the past few months. Feel free to add me.
  • WannabeStressFree
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    add me- I'm here daily an interact with my friends, try to be motivating- good luck and welcome back!
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    I'm starting over as well. I will send you a friend request and everyone else feel free to add me. :)
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    Feel free to add me. I was looking for others who go by inches and not lbs but love both either way. I'm a bride to be who needs some extra motivation as school is starting around the corner as well. :happy:
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    I'm starting a fresh this week too. Really keen for support and to motivate each other. I have about 20kg to lose
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    Hey All,

    I am starting again too, I lost about 31lbs when I did weight watchers some years ago and then spent years fluctuating then dieting sporadically with a mixture of results.

    My motivation this time is my other half want to lose 3 stone (as do I) so we are keeping track.

    My clothes are looser but my weight is fluctuating alot at the mo (huge losses then some gain back). I want this weight loss to be for life and to get better habits.

    Feel free to add me, if I can figure out how to share my diary as well that might be better haha!