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Anyone Women train fasted?

Fighterforever473Fighterforever473 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
Does anyone train in the morning before eating anything?


  • eccentricplazaeccentricplaza Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    Yes. I wake up at 4am 1 to 3 times a week to workout for 45 - 60 minutes. When I train at night then I have to eat prior to my exercise or else I can only go for about 30 minutes.
  • Fighterforever473Fighterforever473 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    Yes. I wake up at 4am 1 to 3 times a week to workout for 45 - 60 minutes. When I train at night then I have to eat prior to my exercise or else I can only go for about 30 minutes.

    Ooh that’s cool! Thx
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 3,154Member Member Posts: 3,154Member Member
    When I run no more than an hour or so, I'll never eat before (assuming morning run). I just feel better doing it that way.

    When I run in the evenings (which is rare, currently, but used to be more common), I would do it around 7 or so, after not eating since lunch, so similar. I will normally eat something before going to the gym and doing weights, but that's partly just about schedule.
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  • WholeFoods4LyfeWholeFoods4Lyfe Posts: 1,459Member Member Posts: 1,459Member Member
    I do OMAD during the week. I usually walk on my lunch break (18-19hrs fasted) and then 2-3 days per week I go to the gym after work (23-24hrs fasted). It's just how my schedule works out. On the weekends my IF schedule is much looser so sometimes I workout fasted, sometimes not.
  • New_Heavens_EarthNew_Heavens_Earth Posts: 521Member Member Posts: 521Member Member
    Yes because that's the most convenient way and time. I can't workout with anything on my stomach but a few sips of water.
  • alondrakaralondrakar Posts: 67Member Member Posts: 67Member Member
    Only on Saturday mornings when I go to the gym at 9am. I don't eat until around 11-12 normally. Eating early makes me sick. I don't do it purposely because I feel lightheaded afterwards.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Posts: 2,762Member Member Posts: 2,762Member Member
    I do. I have a hard time working out if I eat before.
  • BattyKnitterBattyKnitter Posts: 503Member Member Posts: 503Member Member
    This is so individual, do what works best for you, there is no magic in working out fasted.

    I can't workout in the morning because I'm too weak and need to eat first, but I can't eat first thing because it makes me feel sick so I only ever eat around noon. The only time I can really workout is in the evening a few hours after I ate.
  • Boxn_n_BellydancnBoxn_n_Bellydancn Posts: 160Member Member Posts: 160Member Member
    Me too! Got tired of almost “losing” my breakfast and pre-workout on the gym floor.
  • SCoil123SCoil123 Posts: 2,042Member Member Posts: 2,042Member Member
    I don’t typically have breakfast except black coffee so if it works to workout in the morning with my schedule I do it faster. If I end up working out after work I’ve always eaten first.

    I prefer lifting with food in my stomach and running fasted personally
  • CaffeinatedConfectionistCaffeinatedConfectionist Posts: 1,009Member Member Posts: 1,009Member Member
    I agree that it's down to individual preference and schedule, but I basically always train fasted. I see a boost in strength if I lift fueled, but I prefer the schedule I follow now.
  • vanityy99vanityy99 Posts: 720Member Member Posts: 720Member Member
    I have before and felt fine. Other times I end up feeling nauseous.
  • Matilda444Matilda444 Posts: 17Member, Premium Member Posts: 17Member, Premium Member
    I prefer to train fasted!
  • leggupleggup Posts: 2,973Member Member Posts: 2,973Member Member
    I don't know what constitutes fasted. I prefer not to have heavy workouts within 5-6 hrs of eating. Sometimes I walk the dogs post-coffee pre-breakfast.
  • naomi8888naomi8888 Posts: 445Member Member Posts: 445Member Member
    I workout first thing in the morning before eating anything. It's very individual though.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 11,881Member Member Posts: 11,881Member Member
    Agree it's individual.

    Personally, I can't sustain intensity past about 20 minutes fasted, and I have the cast iron digestive system of a true genetic peasant, so I eat a light breakfast as little as 20 minutes before a fairly intense on-water rowing workout or spin class, and do fine. I can briskly walk a few miles (4mph for an hour or so) fasted without a problem, but if I try to do anything that really gets my heart rate up, I struggle and feel miserable. If I eat first, things are fine.

    Experiment, and you'll figure out what works for you. Probably safest to try fasted first, gradually introduce eating before the workout if you want to. Hitting the wall energetically (like I do) is a less profound problem than finding out you're one of the people who has digestive distress if you eat. ;)
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Posts: 1,838Member Member Posts: 1,838Member Member
    The only thing I can do fasted is walk. I prefer to have food in me before I work out properly.

    But that's just me. Lots of people do fasted workouts and feel fine.

    That being said, i'm also one of those people who wake up and go directly to the kitchen to eat and don't talk to me until i've eaten kind of thing.
  • yirarayirara Posts: 4,193Member Member Posts: 4,193Member Member
    Nope. I don't even get up the two flights of stairs to my desk at work easily without breakfast, let alone work out. No way I could do that.
  • funjen1972funjen1972 Posts: 945Member Member Posts: 945Member Member
    Yes! My workouts are always better if I haven't fueled recently. I often run 4-6 miles, sometimes more, early morning on an empty stomach.

    I'll also workout after work with only eating a light lunch at 11am.
  • missblondi2umissblondi2u Posts: 711Member Member Posts: 711Member Member
    I run in the a.m. and don't eat until lunch. I feel much better running with no food in my stomach. I do get a bit hungry mid-morning, but the feeling passes. Now if I'm doing a long run (like over an hour), I will eat some almonds about 30-45 minutes prior.
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