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Increasing my daily calorie limit

jeniikajeniika Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
I was wondering if anyone here has had luck with increasing their daily calorie limit?
I want to go from 1200 to 1400 calories a day but it feels so wrong..

I'm a 5'2 woman with around 30 pounds to lose and I have a low TDEE as I'm quite sedentary. All calculations point to 1200 calories a day giving me a 1 pound a week weight loss.

However, after multiple attempts at 1200 a day, I just can't do this realistically and still have enough energy to get through the work day. I've tried all sorts of food combinations. I definitely lose weight at this number, but the hunger, low energy and headaches it gives makes me give up after a few weeks.

Any other people in this position who found 1200 (or whatever your recommended amount is) unbearable after a while? I will lose weight now eating 1400 calories, but it will be at a slower rate, and I'm worried I will plateau after 10 pounds or so and have to reduce again to 1200 anyway..


  • Justin_7272Justin_7272 Member Posts: 243 Member Member Posts: 243 Member
    If you have 30 pounds to lose you will not plateau at 1400 calories any time soon.

    The TDEE of a 5'2" 40 y/o sedentary female weighing 135 (top of BMI healthy range) is 1,483. So theoretically you wouldn't plateau until you are within a healthy BMI range.

    Even at 50 y/o the TDEE is still above 1400, and if you're younger it will be even higher.
  • kimny72kimny72 Member Posts: 15,213 Member Member Posts: 15,213 Member
    Slow is better than stopped, so do what you have to do :smile:

    You might get some inspiration from this thread, when you are a small female, adding even 50 calories to your NEAT can really help!
  • etherealanwaretherealanwar Member Posts: 457 Member Member Posts: 457 Member
    Setting your rate of loss to 0.5lbs/week will give you more calories and make this process more bearable so you can stick with it.
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