Friends who have public food diaries to their friends



  • KristiRTT
    KristiRTT Posts: 346 Member
    I’m 32 5’8” and 156. My diary is open. I workout 4/5 times a week( spinning mostly love it so) and eat back most of those calories! Feel free to add
  • anitacuzzman
    anitacuzzman Posts: 6 Member
    Mine is open to public, feel free to add me, anyone else who would like to add me go ahead, I have my good and bad days and it's all logged 😊
  • stg84
    stg84 Posts: 2 Member
    edited June 2019
    Mine is open-feel free to add me! (Don’t be shocked by the frequency in which I go to Taco Bell tho)😂
  • JBaltimore85
    JBaltimore85 Posts: 2 Member
    Mine is open!
  • saberika87
    saberika87 Posts: 37 Member
    My diary is always open. Anyone can feel free to add me as well! I love getting new food ideas from others 😊
  • mfponly519
    mfponly519 Posts: 4 Member
    edited June 2019
    I workout at a local gym, lift weights to strengthen my overall body. Been up and down, diary is open, any can add me if you like...I've been on mfp for several years. I had to get a new account due to issues.
  • sksk1026
    sksk1026 Posts: 213 Member
    Mine is open to friends. Add me! :)
  • dlbohl1991
    dlbohl1991 Posts: 786 Member
    You can add me
  • Lenala13
    Lenala13 Posts: 155 Member
    Mines open to friends. Feel free to add
  • benn8895
    benn8895 Posts: 29 Member
    Mines open!! And I need more movitating friends, feel free to add me!