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    end weight from round 82 -- 145.8
    heaviest was June 16 --153.4...that day I came up with a new plan, and here we are..thank you for this forum! I will achieve my goal and I will maintain it once there.
    goal this round; 1.5 lbs less
    end goal: 125
    GOAL: Be AWARE of my food choices...
    WHY ---do I choose what I choose
    WHEN --do I choose the food I choose
    HOW ---do those choices impact your weight and fitness goals? The understanding of these questions should be enlightening to help me make better future decisions and change patterns of behavior

    3rd round for me. This is a great way to keep in touch with others with similar goals. I'm 49 yo female Canadian expat living in Central America. Good luck all for to continuing the journey to all our goals. On 6/25 I decided to give up alcohol for a month, partly to help with weight loss, but who am I kidding...lol I need a etoh break anyways. So, I'm doing my exercise, mindful choices with food, and haven't had etoh in 26 days.

    7/12 144.0 carbs-65, protein 50, cal 983
    7/13 142.6 carbs-146, protein 66, cal 1486 made home-baked meatballs with homemade sweet/sour sauce, was not even that good...lol i had fresh pineapple, and should have blended it to make pina juice, instead i subbed orange juice, which was too sour...and all the carbs, yikes. up side to the carbs, i have tonnes of energy this morning, i'll use for workout, and yard work.
    7/14 142.2 carbs-95, protein 63, cal 1170
    7/15 142.2 carbs-114, protein 95, cal 1553
    7/16 143.2 carbs-94, protein, 58, cal 970
    7/17 143.4 carbs-117, protein,93,cal1388
    7/18 144.4 carbs-61, protein 56, cal 1046
    7/19 144.2 carbs-107, protein 53,cal 1177
    7/20 144.0 carbs-132,protein 61, cal 1213
    7/21 143.6 carbs-76, protein 67, cal 1224
    ***to recap- start 145.8 end 143.6 = 2.2lbs Yeah...lets keep on rolling right into the next 10 day challenge. I am surprised and pleased how effective this accountability has been for me. June 16 weighed 153.4 so in about 5 weeks down about 10 lbs. I must say not drinking etoh has helped with this. So..well, now decisions...I was doing a 30 day etoh 'experiment'. Do I risk my success in weightloss if I end the experiment...or do i continue the 'experiment' until i reach my weight goal? Umm, not sure yet...keep you posted

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    First time participant! 59 year old female; 5'7" tall - need to lose 20 pounds total.

    07/12 187.5
    07/13 187.6 - Weekends are not my diet's friend!
    07/14 187.6
    07/15 187.1 - Monday morning motivation: Negligible change, but I generally do better on a weekday schedule!!!
    07/21 186.5 - Down is always better than up - my laptop busted, so I'm catching up today. Will log in until 7/27 on the next challenge - but then I'll be on vacation...
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    Round 83
    Starting weight on 6/1/2019- 193.4
    R80: SW 183.9 EW:181.8 (-2.1)
    R81: SW181.8 EW: 179.6 (-2.2)
    R82: Skipped gone on holidays
    R83-SW180.5 EW:
    GW: 178

    7/12-180.5 Back from holidays
    7/17-178.3 This week has been going awesome, nice and clean so far without derails, or cravings. Feeling good. Weather has been awesome getting in walks at lunch and after work all this week. Should knock this goal down tomorrow if I don’t see a random slurp up. If this keeps up I will hit my ½ way mark this week too 😊
    7/18-177.8 Goal achieved 😊
    7/19-177.8 No walk after work yesterday raining and no energy, I did stay busy around the house last night, pouring today and a meeting through lunch. So no exercise at lunch today. Supposed to have company tonight so today should be a good recovery day. Will sneak in some yoga if I can pull it off.
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    Hi Everybody! I’m a returnee.

    Declared maintenance April 25, 2019 (12 weeks ago)
    Did well maintaining, including while on two recent weeklong vacations, but the day I returned home the scale jumped up July 10: 156.4 and then further up July 11: 157 & then further up July 12: 158.2 😮😳😮 I haven’t seen that number since November ‘18.
    Dec’18 they June ‘19 Monthly avg weight <155
    7/10 156.4
    7/11 157

    07/12 158.2
    Over 155 (my scream wt) for the past 3 days. Not sure why, exactly, as I’m tracking all & my apps indicate I should be down 1-2 lbs.)

    So, I’ve gone back to full weight loss mode as of 1 pm today. No eating out, no sugar, no starches after lunch, and keep those under 60g/meal. 3 meals per day, no snacks. Low sodium, high fiber. Time to get back to 153 (my GW) or even lower.

    07/13 156.4
    07/14 157.2 Disappointing (social engagements around eating) walked
    07/15 158.8 OMG
    Restart #2: I’m not giving up.

    07/16 157.6 [I did very well yesterday. All macros/micros very good & calories of 1,736 (low for me).
    I’m glad the scale responded. Makes it easier when we are turning the “cruise ship” around to get some encouraging news.]

    Just successfully talked myself out of eating out (several places) as I ran errands... was dicey there a few times.
    What worked?
    “Yes, that’s a habit, but the food is cr*p.”
    “Yes, you’d like to go there, but remember you feel awful afterwards even if you eat wisely: too rich, too much SALT.”
    “Why are you doing this. You’re not even hungry? (Recognizes salty taste in mouth.) “Ah Yes, WAY too much salt in Sunday.” Water water water!

    I was 155 or below until July 10. A week ago. I’m reminding myself that I have caught this quickly.

    07/17 155.8 Yesterday was tough. Hubby arrived home tired & I suggested our favorite Mexican restaurant (😳). Words out of my mouth - not thinking. He gently said “I thought we weren’t eating out.” I asked Which would you prefer, and he said he was happy with either. I said, “OK let’s eat here.”
    Bullet dodged. Rewarded with scale.

    2/2 days going well.

    SALT is my culprit. Once I whack that down, my appetite becomes normal.

    BUT I am not letting up. I’m still above Scream Weight AND my Maintenance Weight of 153. Carrying on. After I get through today, I will have to white knuckle much less! (Usually takes theee Days.) I did skip a group potluck lunch today - I knew I wasn’t “safe” yet to handle the temptations.

    Thanks again❣️& a big hug to deepwoodslady 💕

    And congratulations to TracyLord!

    07/18 156.0 Yay! One more pound to go until scream wt again! Yesterday was quite easy & I felt better so took an hour walk! Got groceries back in the house, got the carrots & celery cleaned & in containers. Planned & cooked a fab dinner that was healthy.

    This is the new habit I’m building. A month’s worth if dinners that I can re-use & will give us a variety if flavors & prevent eating out.
    1/1 day successful 🍀 I think I’m going to cook dinner after lunch, so I’m not tempted to say “I’m tired.”

    07/19157.0 surprised it went up, Doing everything right. Cooked a healthy dinner for us again yesterday, freezed a bunch for future. Walked an hour. Wt will go down! Many factors: Heat, water, late dinner, etc

    07/20 157.2 continuing to eat at home, track all, walked 73 mins. Doing all I should. All will be good. Hot weather is never my scale’s friend.

    07/21 157.2hopefull 155 by here!)
    Well, next round! I’m doing everything right. Turned the gain creep around. Stopped eating out - successfully did so 7/7 days of the past week!!!

    See you next round!
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    These challenges seem to go by so quick sometimes. This round ends on a Sunday so I am going to do my best to be good that weekend. My only goal this round is to see a 144.xx and to get to into a “healthy” BMI range. We will see if I can do it, the last round I pretty much just maintained and didn’t ever see that new low I was looking for. So I am ready this round for it!

    Round 80: 148.7 - 148.0 (10 day Avg 147.22)
    Round 81: 148.0 - 146.5 (10 day Avg 147.87)
    Round 82: 146.5 - 146.3 (10 day Avg 146.93)

    07/12 - 144.6 A NEW LOW!!!!! I can't believe I hit my goal for this round already. 1.3 pound loss from last week. 1.6 more pounds and I will be out of the over weight category and I will be at the tip top of my maintenance. I will also officially be in the last 5 pounds of my journey. I have stayed strong this whole week and was expecting a loss, but I usually lose a half a pound at a time, so if I see an uptick tomorrow I would not be surprised or mad. It's a nice way to go into the weekend and hopefully keep me on track.

    07/13 - 144.6 same so I’ll take it and run! Starting the weekend out stressful and busy. My oldest had to move back in with us last night. His living situation did not work out. His little heart is broken and my heart hurts for him. That first breakup is just horrible and I can remember mine like yesterday. He will be ok, but having a kid move back in after being out for a year and half is rough. Plus he is an adult now and in a completely different place than where he was at 18 when he moved out. Have lots to do to help him and get organized, so will be busy and eating on the run probably a lot this weekend. I’m going to try and stay on track and have a really strong weigh in on Monday.

    07/14 - 146.8 didn't have time to check in but did weigh

    07/15 - 150.5 Extremely busy and stressful weekend. My husband's company party was yesterday (last thing I wanted to deal with), but we went. We walked the zoo for hours in 100 degree weather and I only ate one meal. Saturday and Sunday my sodium and carbs levels were doubled what I usually eat and I haven't slept well in 2 nights. Last night was another horrible, restless night. I just couldn't get comfortable or turn my brain off. Calories were good, about 100-150 over each day, so I know this weight will fall off in a day or 2. I just get so frustrated that my body can gain 5.9 pounds in 48 hours. Going to move my son out of his condo tonight and put everything into storage, but hopefully will be able to sleep better once that is done. He needs to put closure on that situation and move on. On top of everything else happening, we are having new windows installed in the entire house today and tomorrow. So we spent the morning getting ready and moving furniture for that. Hopefully I will be down tomorrow. I am drinking plenty of water today and have my day planned for food.

    07/16 - 148.2 coming back down. Slept really well last night and got my son all moved out of his condo yesterday. We are just getting him organized and adjusted back to living at home with rules, lol. Good day yesterday so happy I am moving back in the right direction. 2.3 pounds down and 3.6 to go to get back to the start of the round. We ate Taco Bell last night for dinner, because it was already super late, but I ate off the fresco menu and stayed way under calories for the day. We will see what tomorrow holds for my weight!

    07/17 - 148.7 I have no idea why I'm still up, lol. I really expected to be down a couple more pounds today. I'm sleeping better and have not gone over my calories at all. Drinking plenty of water and had very little carbs the last couple of days. I am just starting to think this is one of those weeks that can't be explained. I'm doing everything right, so that's all I can tell myself. Two months ago I would have been thrilled to be here, my original maintenance weight was 145-150. I changed it last month to 140-145. So losing another 5 pounds was my brilliant idea, lol.

    07/18 - 147.3 inching my way back down still. Did well yesterday and stayed under calories. I am hoping in the next 3 days to get back to 145.xx or 144.xx and end the round on a positive. Still don't know why I took this spike up, but it is what it is. I know I just have to stay on track and 1 of these days I will just drop again and be back to normal until my next spike that can't be explained. Lmao!

    07/19 - 145.3 and there it is that random drop that I have been waiting for. Whatever it was is gone now and I'm back down almost to my starting weight. Staying the course and hoping for 2 more great weigh-ins. I doubt I will get another new low in this round, but I will be happy if I end up anywhere in this area.

    07/20 - 145.3 walking the mall, grocery shopping, school supply shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, and doing some spring cleaning in my daughters room is what’s on the calendar for today. Should burn a lot of calories with all of that activity and hopefully I can stay on track food wise to end well this round. Anything below 146, hoping I am back down to 144. We will see, 1 more day of this round!

    07/21 - 145.9 couldn't check in yesterday. Was super busy all weekend. Took 4 huge trash bags to good will with my daughters "little kid" things and clothes that didn't fit anymore. She will be starting 5th grade this year. We also moved her room around and got her all set to start school on Tuesday. The hubby and I also took the 2 girls to go see Lion King yesterday morning. Saw a new low (144.6) a couple of times, ended this round .4 pounds down from the end of last round (which ending on a weekend is not bad), and my 10 day average was down to 146.72. Could have done better, but I am not complaining either. On to round 84!
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    GOAL. This month I am planning a non stop dieting month. July 1st-August 1st. So far....8/31

    Round 83
    OW 230
    Round 46 SW 178 EW 172.6 (-5.4) 👍
    Round 47 SW 172.6 EW 170.8 (-1.8)👎
    Round 48 SW 170.8 EW 168 (-2.8)👍
    Round 49 SW 168 EW 166.8 (-1.2) 👎
    Round 50 SW 166.8 EW 163.6 (-3.2) 👍
    Round 51 SW 163.6 EW 161.4 (-2.2)👎
    Round 52 SW 161.4 EW 157.8 (-3.6)👍
    Round 53 SW 157.8 EW 156.2 (-1.6)👎
    Round 54 SW 156.2 EW 155.8 (-.04) 👎
    Round 55 SW 155.8 EW 151.2 (-4.6) 😄😁👍
    Round 56 SW 151.2 EW 149.8 (-1.4) 👍
    Round 57 SW 149.8 EW 148.2 (-1.6) 👎
    Round 58 SW 148.2 EW 147.2 (-1) 👎
    Round 59 SW 147.2 EW 146.2 (-1) 👍
    Round 60 SW 146.2 EW 145.2 (-1) 👍
    Round 61 SW 145.2 EW 142.4 (-2.8) 👍
    Round 62 SW 142.4 EW 142.4 (0) 👎
    Round 63 SW 142.4 EW 146.6 (+4.4) 👎 my first gain since joining 🎄
    Round 64 SW 146.6 EW 142.8 (-3.8) 👍
    Round 65 SW 142.8 EW 141.8 (-1) 👎
    Round 66 SW 141.8 EW 140.8 (-1)👍
    Round 67 SW 140.8 EW 141.2 (+0.2) 👎
    Round 68 SW 141.2 EW 139.8 (-1.4) 👍
    Round 69 Sw 139.8 Ew 138.6 (-1.2) 👎
    Round 70 SW 138.6 ew 138.8 (+.2) 👎
    Round 71 SW 138.8 Ew 138.4 (-.4) 👎
    Round 72 SW 138.4 EW 138.2 (-.2) 👎
    Round 73 SW 138.2 EW 136. (-2) 👍
    Round 74 SW 136.2 Ew 139 (+2.8)👎🐰🐣 Easter gain
    Round 75 SW 139 ew 139.8 (+.8) 👎having trouble sticking to it
    Round 76 SW 139.8 Ew 141 (+1.2) double yikes 👎
    Round 77 SW 141 Ew 135.8 (-5.2) 👍😃
    Round 78 SW 135.8 Ew 138.8 (+3)😥😥👎
    Round 79 SW 138.8 Ew 138.6 (-.2) 😥👎
    Round 80 SW 138.6 Ew 138 (-.6)👎
    Round 81 SW 138 EW 135.8 (-2.2) 👎
    Round 82 SW 135.8 EW 137 (+1.2)

    Round 38
    SW 137
    GW under 135
    UGW 125

    07/11 137..8/31 accomplished

    07/12 136.8 9/31 accomplished

    07/13 138.6 no clue why the gain, ate fruit, stuck to my meal plan and worked hard. I haven't been sleeping well latley, so I am wondering if it has something to do with that. Unfortunatley though today was not as good of a day. Stress has been really getting to me and when I stress I eat. I need to find a better way to cope....was thinking of signing up for some sort of boxing class or something, to get all my aggrivation out. Needless to say this will result in a gain 😥

    07/14 140 This was expected but I am not giving up...every day I try is a step in the right direction...even if there are bumps in the road. I still got this! Today was a good day, a wonderful way to start the week off 10/31

    07/15 139.8
    daily goal 139 ✔

    it was a good day yesterday but once again I gave into temptations today 😥😥 it seems the end of the day is the hardest

    daily goal 138❌

    although I didn't make my daily goal, it could have been a lot worse, considering what I ate the night before. Regardless today was a lot different and I really kicked it into high gear, while also staying under calories. So all in all, i am happy 11/31

    07/17 138.8 This is what happens when you stop caring for a month, what used to be a pound a day because of high activity, slows down considerably. I am dissapoined but I know I did this to myself. Either way, i had a good day so all I can do is keep going in the right direction. 12/31
    daily goal 136❌

    07/18 138.6 13/31
    daily goal 136❌

    07/19 138.4 14/31
    daily goal 135❌

    07/20 140 15/31 I don't know what happened, this doesn't seem right
    daily goal 135❌

    07/21 138 16/31 after working extremely hard this week I am disappointed by the lack of loss... I am assuming I am not eating enough to match my active life style and my sleep has definitely been awful (around 4 hours a night)
    daily goal 134❌
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    My highest weight was 197# at 5’4”. I’m 48 years old.
    I was 189# when I first started keto (1/1/18), and had gotten down to 150# before I let life interrupt me.

    Round 82 (my round 1) SW-165.5, AW 163.25

    7/22 - 160
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    edited July 2019
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    @nikki062181 Here is to meeting my goal in these 10 days. I was 17lbs from my goal weight and have since gained 17 additional pounds. That puts me 34lbs over. I went from 232 to 142lbs. I need to buckle down. I've lost 7.2 lbs out of that 17 so far. I have 3 mini goals on mind. My first mini goal is to break through that "glass ceiling" and get back into the 140's. If I could lose 1.9 lbs over the next 10 days, that would be amazing.

    OSW: 232 lbs
    CSW: 151.8 lbs
    CGW: 149.9
    UGW: 125 lbs

    07/13 @ 8 151.4 I am making progress slowly but surely.
    07/14 @ 8 151.4 Staying steady. There may be some difference in the scale tomorrow because I'll start getting up no later than 7 this coming week. I'm gradually adjusting back into my 5 a.m. wake up time for when I go back to work.
    07/15 @ 8 151.6 This happened last round when the number starting creeping up by 2 oz each day. I hope this isn't the case this time. I also overslept. I forgot it was Sunday. I'll set my alarm for 7 for tomorrow.
    07/16 @ 7 151.4 I was 80 calories shy of consuming all my calories and did not do well on my water. I am going to cut myself some slack though. I have been sick for a week.
    07/17 @ 7 153.6 😮 ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE! I stayed within my calories. I exercised. I did struggle with water and had too many carbs. That could be it.
    07/18 @ 8 152.6 I still don't know what's going on.
    07/18 @ 7 153.8 😡
    07/19 @ 7 152.6 I feel like a yo-yo. I am eating well. I went swimming. I put more steps than usual in. It was a good day.
    07/20 @ 7 153.4 I am not feeling well at all and have an idea what has caused this HUGE jump in weight.
    07/21 @ 7 154.6 I am still sick and in a lot of pain.
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    My highest weight was 197# at 5’4”. I’m 48 years old.
    I was 189# when I first started keto (1/1/18), and had gotten down to 150# before I let life interrupt me.

    Round 82 (my round 1) SW-165.5, AW 163.25

    7/22 - 160
    7/23 - 160.5 - best ketones & GKI so far! All is well.