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Choosing the Right Activity Level

alanchavez88alanchavez88 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
I'm new to the forum and I'm sorry if I'm breaking any rule. I have a question of activity levels, though.

Currently, I practice 10 hours of tennis a week. I sweat a lot and run a lot, but it's mostly tennis practice and clinics, not real tennis play.

However, I have a sedentary job. I sit around most of the time and I don't get up much and walk.

Is this a sedentary lifestyle or a very active lifestyle in MFP?



  • MohsenSALAHMohsenSALAH Posts: 136Member Member Posts: 136Member Member
    How frequently u play tennis?
    And what is ur goal ? Gaining or losing or maintaining weight?
    If u planning to maintain ur current weight i suggest u try lightly active and see if ur weight drop or increase
    If it increases means ur activity level is higher if ur weight drop means ur activity level is lower

    Just an opinion =]
  • alanchavez88alanchavez88 Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    I play tennis for 1.5 hours every day except on Fridays to allow my body to recover. On Sundays i start light and only play for an hour, and my goal is to drop weight. I'm currently at 220 and I'd like to be 160
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  • veganbaumveganbaum Posts: 1,990Member Member Posts: 1,990Member Member
    The way MFP is designed, if you look at the initial setup, is to choose your activity level based on your job.

    Then, you add in exercise when you do it, and eat those calories.

    I'd suggest starting with the way MFP is designed. However, if your weeks are fairly consistent in terms of work and exercise/activity, you could use a separate TDEE calculator, which factors in your exercise up front. If you use a TDEE calculation, you do not add exercise separately, because it's already accounted for.
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  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 2,286Member Member Posts: 2,286Member Member
    Still, it’s just a guess for everyone. I would agree maybe lightly active to start. use a weight averaging app, like Libra or weightgrapher. In a month or 6 weeks, see how much you have lost and adjust if you need to.
    Best of luck!
  • veganbaumveganbaum Posts: 1,990Member Member Posts: 1,990Member Member
  • spiriteagle99spiriteagle99 Posts: 2,361Member Member Posts: 2,361Member Member
    I would do sedentary because of the job, then add in tennis on the days you practice. I don't know if MFP has different categories for different tennis workouts. Eat back the calories MFP gives you for your activity, or 3/4 of them, then see whether the results are what you expect. i.e. if you are set to lose a pound a week and you lose a pound a week, you're set. If you are losing too fast, then alter your calories.

    FWIW, I walk an hour every day and run an hour or more 5 days a week. I am set at sedentary, because other than my walks and runs, I am seated most of the time. I lost weight a little faster than expected, but not much. I've been maintaining now for a few years eating all my exercise calories and eating at a little above maintenance level.
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