What are the first things you threw out when you started your WLJ?



  • Pamela_Sue
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    I started a moderate carb, low sodium diet. I was eating over 4,000 mg of sodium a day and had high blood pressure. So I gave away all my frozen, processed foods with high sodium content. It was a bit of dollars down the drain, but my folks were happy to have the free food!
  • DancingMoosie
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    I didn't throw anything out, because my husband was not on a diet, and he still wanted to eat the junk food. I was more likely to buy different, possible healthier, items for myself, rather than actually throwing anything away. I did stop eating a lot of the breads, pastas, chips, and desserts. I started eating more salad and fruit and protein yogurt for snacks.
  • mcsega
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    Nothing except sugar drinks. I have been hammering down sparkling drinks (ie bubly) like there is no tomorrow though as a canned soft drink replacement.

    I try and keep my junk food intake to around 500 of my 2200 calories per day. I have been eating a lot less candy as I prefer chips over the former.
  • Lillymoo01
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    I didn't throw out anything but as time went on the list of foods I was no longer buying much of was growing as was the list of different foods I was buying. Any change I made was gradual and I still had other members of the household that wanted their treats.
  • coffeexxeyes
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    I quit buying cereal, sweets, and eating sugary treats at work. I replaced them with a tasty protein shake which helped a ton with cravings. Also, much less wine!

    Ps: moderation is great, but what has worked best for me is keeping the sweets out of the house. When I want something special, I make it count. I don't bring home walmart cookies, instead, I'll go to a local bakery for a homemade treat. Yum. Skip the dove chocolates, go with an artisan chocolate bar from a local chocolatier once a week, etc.
  • GummiMundi
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    I threw out my laziness, and the negative thoughts that stopped me from taking action ("I can't do this, who am I kidding?"). Sure I can!
  • Machka9
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    I didn't throw anything out. Just ate a bit less.
  • geauxtigerlily
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    The only things I’ve really cut out are foods that are advertised as “diet” foods: 100 calorie snack packs/bars, things like that. If I want a sweet treat, I’d prefer to just eat 2 real Oreos and put the bag away. If I need a filling snack, I go for something healthier like whole fruit or nuts.
    The low-cal options just leave me disappointed and hungry soon after.

    I do have a lot less soda, chips, bread, and cereal, but there’s still room for those sometimes in moderation.
  • nighthawk584
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    GummiMundi wrote: »
    I threw out my laziness, and the negative thoughts that stopped me from taking action ("I can't do this, who am I kidding?"). Sure I can!

    great answer
  • lemurcat2
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    Nothing -- mainly what I had on hand were staple foods I'd consider healthy (if consumed in moderation, I used to have a too heavy hand with the olive oil), plus whatever I needed for the week (eggs, veg, fruit, meat, dairy). Never really kept snack foods at home or made them a big part of my diet (not that that would prevent any from losing, necessarily, and not having them didn't keep me from gaining).

    I bake less, buy less cheese (I have a weakness for interesting cheeses), and don't snack outside of meals. For a while I stopped buying ice cream, but I eventually started buying it more than I had before and just keeping it in the house and eating it in moderation (vs. the old impromptu purchase when I want a treat or to reward myself and then overdo it). I order in less and am more careful to watch portions at a restaurant. Something like pizza I still eat, but it was mostly an at a restaurant thing or maybe order in, so I certainly wouldn't toss it (I might be less likely to plan on ordering enough to have leftovers), and same with Indian food which used to be something I'd order more or eat out more).

    I don't find a lot of snack foods tempting partly because I don't like snacking -- right now my sister (who does enjoy snacking and has always been thin) has various crackers here that she likes plus her preferred cheddar (she doesn't live here, but comes by), and even if I didn't just think of them as her foods, I'd likely not be tempted since they aren't my favorites and I generally don't think about eating outside of mealtime now (unless a planned dessert). I have leftover candy from Halloween that's been here since and I don't think about it since I don't really like those kinds of chocolates that much.