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Losing weight WITHOUT exercise



  • colettehughcolettehugh Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    I used to do heavy cardio and lifting when trying to lose weight previously. I'd lose a lot the first three weeks (mostly water weight), then I'd struggle to sustain even a .5 pound per week of weight loss, then I'd burn myself out after about 10 weeks (starving 24/7, headaches). After being on that roller coaster for years, I decided to cut out the cardio and heavy lifting.

    Since June 22nd, I've been focusing mainly on my caloric intake (good foods) and walking about 2 miles a day, regular pace. I really don't consider walking "exercise" per se. This has been the most successful and sustainable weight loss I've ever tried. I've been losing an average of one pound per week (some weeks .5 pound, other weeks 2 pounds).

    What I've learned: too much cardio sets you up for failure and caloric intake is the most important factor in losing weight, so yes, you can successfully lose weight without exercise.
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  • amandakesslersamandakesslers Posts: 178Member Member Posts: 178Member Member
    Hopefully there are plenty of stories that people are willing to share about losing weight without exercise, because losing weight is all about your diet. It's definitely true that exercise helps you get healthy and build muscle, but when you're trying to burn fat/lose weight, you need to focus on your diet first and foremost. There are a ton of fad diets out there, like Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers, and more, but while they can help people lose weight, the only ting that matters is if you're eating less calories than you burn in a day. This is called the CICO diet, or calories in, calories out. Your body burns a specific number of calories per day, which you can find out by using a TDEE calculator, and to lose weight you have to eat less than that number, preferably 70-80% of it. Although this is the best way to lose weight, you don't want to waste your daily calories on junk foods that don't make you full, so here are some things you should try to avoid:
  • elfin168elfin168 Posts: 143Member Member Posts: 143Member Member
    You can lose weight without exercise but you will lose more muscle mass along with fat mass then if you were to combine weight loss with aerobic and/or resistance training. There are studies that show this. You are also likely to lose more fat mass if you have a lower deficit (ie eat more) and if you have a protein intake of approx 1.5plus grams of protein per kg of body weight
  • 1985robbie1985robbie Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Pepperpony wrote: »
    I lost 50 lbs without exercising. I’ve started exercising though because I hit a plateau.

    How long did it take you to lose the 50 lbs without exercise?
  • gatamadrizgatamadriz Posts: 61Member Member Posts: 61Member Member
    I’m down almost 5 kilos without exercising, however I’m finding that I want to move more at this point. I want to do some weight work because I like the way it feel and it helps tighten the skin as you go. I also adore dance workouts. I don’t have a schedule for it, maybe once a week for now, but I know it’s motivating me to keep losing weight. That said, absolutely you can lose without exercise, I think everyone has.
  • SherryloycieSherryloycie Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    What diet are u all doing? I’m on a 1250 calorie diet per day. I’m new at this. I weigh 230 and I’m 5’2. Trying to get to 175 or less
  • donnadee1984donnadee1984 Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    lucky2702 wrote: »
    Any success stories on losing weight without exercise?
    All i've done is cut out all drinks besides water, green tea and coffee, no take out, no fatty foods, no sweets. And i'm already starting to feel better, I'm on day 7.

    Was just wondering if anyone managed too lose weight and get to their goal weight just by eating better and less?

    Current weight: 74KGS.
    Goal weight: 50KGS
    Height: 160cm.

    I lost all my weight purely through diet, no exercise.

    However, I was not happy with the results. I had become the definition of skinny-fat and felt terrible about myself.

    THEN I ended up going to the gym, and over time did a recomp and was ultimately much happier.

    So while it is absolutely possible to lose the weight you want with diet alone, you might want to consider the body shape you have/want as well - exercise may be necessary to achieve your goals.

    Give me tips please x
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