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sarahdesandssarahdesands Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
How many calories should a thin person w low muscle aim for? I’m 4’11 and a half, 115 lbs. Goal is to build muscle, emphasis on leg and glutes, maybe a nice little bicep and capped shoulders. Also should I be bulking or shredding? What is the point of bulking and shredding? When do you know when to stop bulking? Is it a good idea to be doing cardio like stairmaster or biking post workout? (1 year beginner strength training but not seeing the results I’d hoped for)


  • Keep_on_cardioKeep_on_cardio Member Posts: 4,166 Member Member Posts: 4,166 Member
    I quickly typed in difference between bulking and shredding, found

    Bulking- must consume more calories

    Shredding- taking in fewer calories

    I’d start with typing in your questions and read what you find. Also google workouts on areas you’d like to work on, exercises will pop up.

    Also stair master will do so much. You’ll need to add strength exercises whether you decide to use personal body weight VS. weights will be up to you, your goals.
  • mom23mangosmom23mangos Member Posts: 2,987 Member Member Posts: 2,987 Member
    It depends on your frame and current amount of muscle mass. What do you look like now? To Sardelsa's point, is your goal only to add muscle (size)? Without knowing where are currently body composition wise, it's difficult to offer advice. One year of strength training is a long time to not be seeing results when you are already relatively thin. Were you following a program?
  • GaryRunsGaryRuns Member, Premium Posts: 368 Member Member, Premium Posts: 368 Member
    In addition to the questions others have raised, what do you mean when you say you've done a year of strength training? If you were following a well structured, progressive strength program then if you had never done any resistance training before you should see some really solid gains.

    If you were a beginner I'd recommend getting your diet on point by insuring that you're eating 0.8-1g of protein per pound of body weight. Next pick a good starting weight training program. Here's a thread with a lot of info on programs:

    If you really have been lifting for a year and didn't see any gains, or only minor gains, then there are a few possibilities: 1) You didn't follow a good, structured, progressive lifting program. Either the program wasn't good or you didn't follow it. 2) You didn't eat sufficient protein to support muscle growth. The rule of thumb is 0.8-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. 3) You were in a big calorie deficit (since your weight is pretty reasonable for your height that doesn't seem to be the case). 4) A combination of 1-3.
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