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Best low calorie alcoholic drink

disney_addict_1028disney_addict_1028 Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
Going to my first party in a while Saturday and looking for the lowest calorie booze , nothing I have to mix so something in a bottle or can , I’m a mom and don’t go out often so not sure what’s out there now ! Any suggestions !?!?


  • BrianKMcFallsBrianKMcFalls Posts: 190Member Member Posts: 190Member Member
    Is this a byob situation?
  • Crafty_camper123Crafty_camper123 Posts: 1,428Member Member Posts: 1,428Member Member
    Your best bet would be vodka and diet soda or diet juice. My go to last year was skinny cosmo's. Vodka, triple sec, and diet cranberry juice. I believe they came in to be about 150 calories a pop. You could pre-mix a pitcher to take with you if this is a byob thing.

    Otherwise for things you literally just have to bring and drink- no mixing required:
    I would suggest lite beer if you like beer, or wine. They are generally in the 125 cals a serving ballpark. And I think Mike's hard lemonade makes a lite version too.

    This is what I stumbled on in my quest for low cal alcoholic beverages: Maybe it'll give you some ideas.
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  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Posts: 2,090Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,090Member, Premium Member
    No matter what you do, you have the calories from the alcohol, which are considerable. Per gram, alcohol has more calories (7kcals per gram) than anything except fat (9kcals per gram). Light beer (and many other beers) derive MOST of their calories from the alcohol. White wine is similar.

    Yet another reason to enjoy in moderation!
  • lalalacroixlalalacroix Posts: 849Member Member Posts: 849Member Member
    My favorite is currently the Wild Basin or Bon and Viv boozy sparkling waters. They come in awesome flavors (the one I'm currently drinking is Cucumber Peach), come in a can so no over pours, and most are around 100 calories each.
  • shewhoismanyshewhoismany Posts: 180Member Member Posts: 180Member Member
    I usually just do a couple of early shots of vodka with a few friends and then call it quits (on the alcohol). Its social, they can keep drinking if they want but I am feeling happy and it is done for the night - no worries. Plus side, in a couple of hours I am good to drive.
  • BasedGawd412BasedGawd412 Posts: 325Member Member Posts: 325Member Member
    Michelob ultra.
  • GrizzledSquirrelGrizzledSquirrel Posts: 72Member Member Posts: 72Member Member
    Gin and slimline tonic in a can - c.75 cals for 250ml. Cans are good actually because you can drink really slowly and nobody will notice or try topping you up!
  • tauntonmomtauntonmom Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
    Drinking slower is a good idea, especially if you have lost significant weight since your last party. You may be surprised how much more you feel a 2nd or 3rd drink now!
  • J_FabulousJ_Fabulous Posts: 53Member Member Posts: 53Member Member
    One shot of whiskey is 72 calories according to Google.
  • weatherking2019weatherking2019 Posts: 388Member Member Posts: 388Member Member
    White claw or Truly- my go to at parties: Spiked Seltzer has Fewer Calories and Less Sugar!
  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Posts: 7,508Member Member Posts: 7,508Member Member
    If I'm in a wine mood then I go for a chardonnay or merlot - they are great for just sipping on during a party.

    If I'm in a beer mood then I really like black & tan or michelob ultra.

    Otherwise I drink Jameson or Crown neat, because whiskey is always good...or if there is other junk whiskey then I'll have it with diet pepsi.
  • mgobluetxmgobluetx Posts: 83Member Member Posts: 83Member Member
    Plain vodka with club soda and squeeze in lime/lemon/both. The citrus juice is negligible and plain vodka is usually 60-70 calories a shot. Also, it’s pretty darn good.
  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 14,428Member Member Posts: 14,428Member Member
    Going to my first party in a while Saturday and looking for the lowest calorie booze , nothing I have to mix so something in a bottle or can , I’m a mom and don’t go out often so not sure what’s out there now ! Any suggestions !?!?

    Well, it depends. Would you rather enjoy one drink a lot, or just want something you can have several of?

    I personally would rather have one bottle of good beer, log that 130ish cals and switch to water or diet soda for the rest of the time.

    If you'd rather volume, you need to look for either light beer or see if they have any of those low cal "spritzer" style drinks. They're usually called spritzers or spiked seltzers, I think. Just watch out for ciders or shandy, they can be pretty high cal. Most low cal "non-beer" drinks have the calories on the can/bottle now, so if you can choose yourself just take a look.

    And if you've lost weight and not been drinking much recently, it's quite possible your tolerance has lowered, so be careful :smile: As it turns out though, lower cal drinks are also usually a lower alcohol level too.
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  • eryn0xeryn0x Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    There’s a brand called SoCial Lites. They do vodka soda (various flavours) or spiked iced tea in a can. 80-100 cal per. I am not a fan of vodka but I have tried and they’re pretty good, but light. If i am drinking I just avoid cocktails and enjoy myself. Full calorie dry wine or cider for me.
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