Who is your MFP Crush of the day? And why?

pizzamyheart Posts: 1,836 Member
We all like to be picked out as someone special! So lets have some fun with it. Every day is a new day, so why not have a new mfp crush every new day, or few days, or whenever you happen to log on. A crush can be someone you admire, someone you think is attractive, someone you think is funny, someone who has excellent food logging skills. A crush can be a crush for any reason....maybe even they just happen to like the same kind of pizza as you do. Who knows. The point is, we all need something to look at when we log into chit chat, so why not have fun with it. DO IT. DON'T BE EMBARRASSED OR SHY because this is obviously just for fun. Nobody thinks that just because you name them as a crush of the day you have to run out and get a wedding dress or tuxedo. Or a restraining order. ;)