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Keto unhealthy???

chixy18chixy18 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
Everything i am researching shows that keto is a great way to loose weight.... but its bad for long term, its ment for 30-90 days to kickstart you. But then your very likely to gain it back do to its restrictivness. Also puts you at a high risk of diabetes and heart disease. Wouldnt it be smarter to just do low carb and work out n watch what you eat instead of cutting all carbs n putting so much fat into your body? Keto also breaks down muscle mass....give me your thoughts!?


  • chixy18chixy18 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    Kimmy agree! overall you have to do what will work for you! I would rather put in the work that will last long term n can be enjoyable for me.
  • chixy18chixy18 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    I think alot of what everyone is saying is positive n negative you can get no matter what diet you choose. It all comes down what works for you, but i do think your suppose to eat all the food groups everyday and thats the healthiest. Just need to learn portions. People who are using keto are obviously going to show all the pros. My doctor is not a fan. But like everyone has said it all depends what works for you i was just curious what others thought about things i read.. n wondered if people are just so excited they loose weight this way the risks dont matter.
  • AnabirgiteAnabirgite Posts: 124Member Member Posts: 124Member Member
    Keto has been around for 100 years - that hardly seems like a diet that has died out.

    I did keto for about 2 years for migraine control and have now switched to low carb while still maintaining symptom control.

    Children should definitely not be keto without doctor supervision because it can impact their growth and bone density so they are monitored closely.

    In terms of weight loss, it doesn't matter if you are keto or low carb or just counting calories - assuming an absence of any medical issues that would make one preferable over the other. It all comes down to eating less. Some people get appetite suppression or reduced cravings as a side effect of keto or low carb, and that makes it easy for adherence. You can still gain weight on keto or low carb if you continue to overeat.

    It's not magic, it's just doing the math.

    Long term, sustainability is key. If you try it and hate it, you aren't going to stick to it. If you try it and think you can eat like that the rest of your life, then you are likely to stick with it and be successful.

    Did this work for migraine control? I am very interested to know more regarding this.
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