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Under 1200 for weight-loss



  • try2againtry2again Member Posts: 3,545 Member Member Posts: 3,545 Member
    That's crazy. I screwed up my stomach and intestines because of anorexia and especially laxative abuse but thankly my heart is strong. My roommate in inpatient ed treatment ended up in the ICU after her heart stopped for 5 minutes. Scary stuff. All the posts about VLCD people anger me especially the ones who say it's ok because they feel fine. I felt fine until I didn't. Now I have at least 2 chronic gastrointestinal diseases which may or may not be associated with former habits. I have had to have major surgery and now have a permanent ileostomy and a jejunostomy feeding tube. I hope people read your story and decide it's not worth it.

    It's literally so hard for some to grasp being young and thinking you're eating healthy and athletic (mindset of youthful invincibility shield) to literally almost dying, being obese, and not being able to move without suffocating.

    You keep using the term "obese", and it may be technically true, but I think most people would associate that word with an excess of body fat as opposed to water weight from a medical issue. Of course, that doesn't diminish the effects or your experience in any way.
  • macchiattomacchiatto Member Posts: 2,888 Member Member Posts: 2,888 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. I'd seen your posts earlier but didn't know all you'd been through before. So glad you survived!
  • Emmapatterson1729Emmapatterson1729 Member Posts: 1,298 Member Member Posts: 1,298 Member
    kshama2001 wrote: »
    I'm bookmarking this to share in all the "VLCD but I feel fine" threads - thanks for sharing!


    I can't figure out how to bookmark or copy/paste link on the mobile app. I wish I could link an old post by a tinkerbell about the dangers of low calorie diets on posts about vlcd. The only thing it was missing is the organ failures, it list organ damage, but not failure. It also doesn't mention that the organs can fail with no warning or other symptoms. I felt fine and healthy until I couldn't breathe and swelled up.
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  • Emmapatterson1729Emmapatterson1729 Member Posts: 1,298 Member Member Posts: 1,298 Member
    wmweeza wrote: »
    I do eat close to 1200 calories, but I use a wheelchair and sit at my desk most days. 3 days a week I go to the gym and eat closer to 1450 on those days so I think I'm taking care of myself, and even with the upped calories I am still losing.
    Thank you for the stark yet important reminder!

    Yeah, I see people on here eating at 1200 calorie mark, but not very active or very short, not in danger! I think you're definitely safe! ;)

    I'm warning against more extreme. I don't think most have to worry about these circumstances. But I am seeing more and more lately, and even men eating very low with very high calorie burning exercises (something society's never really seen too much of).

    Good luck on your weight loss journey!!
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