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How often to weigh in maintenance



  • pjwrtpjwrt Posts: 80Member, Premium Member Posts: 80Member, Premium Member
    Daily on wake up. The weight tells me how much I'm going to eat and exercise that day. Hey, I bought another scale to see if my old one was wacked. They never agree; always .5-1.5 pounds off. They take turns being the heavy. I take turns believing the light one.

    That said, this NFL player I met at his friend's public gym told me his waist size is what he personally thinks is the most important. No, he doesn't play center...
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    Jubee13 wrote: »
    I have always weighed once a week. I did try to weigh every day and look at the trend, but the fluctuations really messed with my mind. I on,y did it for about a week. However, I was considering “forcing myself” to weigh every day for the month of September just to see if that would take away the effect that number has on me. What are thought and options on weighing every day? Does the panic of seeing the scale go up (from normal fluctuations) ever go away?

    Yes. For me daily weighing gave me data rather than emotion and taught me how my body responds. For example, when I gain water Wright from travel, I learned how long it takes me to lose it.
    Weigh ins became a little bit of a game, guessing if I thought I’d be up, down, or the same based on what I’d eaten and how my body felt.
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