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Do you have to do low carb or keto to lose fat?



  • denjan333denjan333 Posts: 62Member, Premium Member Posts: 62Member, Premium Member
    Nope. Absolutely not required for weight loss.

    I’m personally watching sugar and quick carbs because l’m prediabetic. Otherwise I’d just stick to the calorie deficit needed for weight loss. If I were trying to do a recomp on my body, I’d be making sure I ate more protein.

    For pure weight loss, there’s ni reason to make it more complicated or restrictive than it is. Calories in must be less than calories expended. Period.
  • ToadstoolBettyToadstoolBetty Posts: 172Member Member Posts: 172Member Member
    Calorie counting is one of the best ways to lose weight.
    Keto is very restrictive with what you can eat if you do strict keto.
    You still have to have a calorie amount for the day if doing macros, you need to know the grams amount for each macro.
    So you may not be checking everything for calories but the calories in total do still mater.
    If you do a sudden change to your diet lose the weight but then stop and start eating like you did before then you will quickly regain it.
    Exercise is also important.
    It can be simple, going up a d down stairs more, taking walks. You don't have to start doing loads of strange exercises and join a gym unless you want to.
  • kq1981kq1981 Posts: 1,050Member Member Posts: 1,050Member Member
    I've tried EVERYTHING for weight loss including Keto, lchf, and it just wasn't sustainable for my lifestyle. I lost weight and put it all back on plus more. The only thing that has worked for me is MFP. For weight loss, I eat what I want as long as its within my calorie deficit. It's calorie in calorie out every time. Plus, my family's Italian, do not deny me pasta lol good luck!! Lots of great info on the forums :)
  • ketsuban25ketsuban25 Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    Ooh lawd no. I still eat instant ramen and bread ;)
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