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Sad lady

BoxerBrawlerBoxerBrawler Posts: 1,970Member Member Posts: 1,970Member Member
I was in the cafe' this morning at work getting my GBOMB breakfast :smile:

There is this woman at the breakfast buffet bar, she's quite obese and she's loading up her tray with everything under the sun... all of the breakfast foods, baked, fried, tots, wedges, pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast.. you name it. The whole time she is laughing sarcastically and loudly saying to the cook behind the counter "I don't eat healthy and I don't care either!" But you could tell that she really does care and was trying to hide her shame with a joke and with being sarcastic. I felt bad for her.


  • BoxerBrawlerBoxerBrawler Posts: 1,970Member Member Posts: 1,970Member Member
    I didn't shame her at all, and I don't demonize foods. Eat whatever... you could just tell by her demeanor that she'd given up. At least for today.
  • dodea48dodea48 Posts: 159Member Member Posts: 159Member Member
    Once, when I was a work in an office with a long row of cubicles, a co-worker poked her head in to tell me that there was cake in the break room. After she left, I poked my head out to watch her walk up the row of cubicles. My co-worker did not stop to tell anyone else about the cake. I had to ask myself, why did this woman think I was the one who would want to know about cake.

    This was a moment of clarity for me. Like another time when I stopped to think about the meaning of the fact that I could not tie my shoes and breathe at the same time. Or when I realized I was a little shorter than baseball player Dustin Pedroia (5'9") and a little heavier than David Ortiz (6'3" 230 lbs).

    Watch people eat - who eats the pizza and baked goods; who does not?
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