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Tomatoes and the nightshade debate



  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Posts: 1,874Member Member Posts: 1,874Member Member
    Thank you, so very much, Paperpudding.

    We are both in agreement, the idea of a liver cleanse in 5, 10 or 15. Is out and out rubbish. Anyone who has liver difficulties needs more than a trivial cleanse. Using NHS permitted testing all was good for me, though I did not get the numbers, giggle. I've learned, its easier to understand things with numbers. Private liver function testing showed up issues in me which were addressed functionally with herbs in products which got the active ingredient past my salicylate intolerance. I don't bother with Hyman either.

    I read Dr Josh Axe, Dr Dave Jockers and Dr Chris Kresser, Qualified in Western and Oriental Medicine including acupuncture. He was taken ill on a gap year and lost his health and was failed by the regular system so he did his own research and training. What I like about those people is they explain things, Axe and Jockers use some good explanatory graphics. There are one or two British doctors, one, a lady who works in the Welsh Marches but I forget her name. There are Histamine Intolerance experts, Allison Vickery and Janice Joneila (?sp) There are many others. There are People who know about Salicylate too.

    I have worked with a BANT registered Nutritionist (UK only) because I wanted my life back and using the NHS I was shut out what they offered only added to my issues. My only available expectation back then was to remain house bound by reactions to the external environment, dietary issues and arthritis. I was unable to go into public places, reacting to peoples perfumes and laundry residues and the dreadful air fresheners in public conveniences, giggle. Sometimes I would cough uncontrollably, or gag, and at one orchestral concert, I had to hold my nose and shallow breath through almost closed lips covered by a large cotton hanky. Life was unliveable. I needed better for my family and myself. I wanted to be out there with them enjoying what they enjoy.

    I am not the first nor the last to have followed the repair oneself by using, appropriate to me, functional methods with enzymes and digestive microbes and supplements, others will have their appropriate combinations. Allergy and intolerances are very personal in both the way you arrive at them and the way they take you. I was hearing about the Nightshade debate over this weekend. A recent research project was unable to substantiate the oft vaunted concept that "nightshade aggravates arthritis" and other pain issues. I believe it is because of the variety of reasons which can under health problems like arthritis that the project failed to find anything. The methodology could also be at fault!

    When you don't have a life worth living you either accept it or try to do something about it. I discovered salicylate intolerance before I found the Professor in immunology, who I consider gave me the key facts of my condition. I had laid out before him, the very same information of how my body reacted as I had to the person from that department who ran the clinic at the local hospital who missed all I had told him, I got to the Reginal Department almost by deception I had talked to Allergy Charities and support numbers who advised I try again. I discovered the salicylate intolerance because having been advised to use pain relief before exercise to kill the pain, I had not been diligent in taking the stuff and felt no pain so I experimented several times, without it, lovely, with it, doubled up. I discovered maize starch was the filler in the paracetamol I was using, its not salicylate. I was that reactive to the Maize starch is high in salicylate!

    I find it intolerable that when there is well regulated research available from eminent institutions the NHS is refused permission by NICE, the board charged with cost-effectiveness etc, to do their own research. NICE, is blinkered and these blinkers are passed down to all NHS employed Doctors who have to toe the line. Our media, science based programs provides us with more relevant, referenced information for those who need to help themselves because they can't achieve support elsewhere.

    Patients have reversed diabeties, resolved gaulstones and other chronic conditions by takeing the apropriate functional aproach. Me, having to give up work because of so many reactions am out and about even minding a 22 month old three days a week. I'm productive. So if someone reads what i have said, does their own research, thinks about how their body works and does what they feel is right for them, the choice being theirs, I am more than content.

    I would not wish anyone to go through all the issues I've endured because of closed minds.

    Paperpudding, you are one of the very last people, I would consider as having a closed mind.
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Posts: 1,880Member Member Posts: 1,880Member Member
    Interesting topic.

    I can't eat raw tomatoes - they just make my mouth go "BLEH" and the supposedly wonderful taste is just not. I have tried a few times too, but I just can't. However, if they are cooked, or sundried - yep, I eat them just fine. Haven't noticed any bloating or anything either with those.

    What I have found is that recently - within the last 3 years or so, I've become sensitive to other nightshades - eggplant and capsicum. They cause me some bloating/gas. I still eat it though. If I have it too often - for example, eggplant 2 or 3 days straight, then it can cause actual gas pain in my stomach, but otherwise, if it's just some once I'll bloat and possibly fart a bit, but not painful.

    Pity, coz I like eggplant and capsicums.

    And apparently that I can't even with tomatoes thing is a thing - I read ages ago somewhere that there is some enzyme or something that some people can't handle with raw tomato. I can't post links, this was >20 years ago that I read about it. But when speaking to other people who "don't like" tomatoes, I've noticed we've had similar issues with it - the whole weird in the mouth thing and not tasting delicious like it's supposed to. It's almost hard to swallow even.

  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Posts: 1,874Member Member Posts: 1,874Member Member
    I had not intended to give offence. I am guilty of miss typing. What i typed came out wrong, reading as a back handed swipe, which was not my intention at all. I know from other threads, with comments of yours you do take a real interest in health and your mind is far from closed. which is how i intended it to read. I deeply apologise.
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 9,882Member Member Posts: 9,882Member Member
    I do not find that tomatoes or any nightshade affect my inflammation. i have found it affects my acid reflux. paste or sauce is tolerable. whole/sliced not good
    bell peppers are even worse for me.

    i hate eggplant. so i wouldn't know about that
  • FuzzipegFuzzipeg Posts: 1,874Member Member Posts: 1,874Member Member
    Paperpudding. Thank you so much. I absolutely hate animosity, it has never been my way to be offensive. I would give you a hug were I able. Its good we can come to these pages with our own views. Thank you
  • paperpuddingpaperpudding Posts: 5,118Member Member Posts: 5,118Member Member

    Gosh we will do mods out of a job disagreeing in such friendly lovey dovey style ;) B) :)
  • teresa19622015teresa19622015 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    I eat tomatoes every day. I think it’s the case with any food - for most people it will be fine, some people have certain issues so should avoid.
  • whitpaulywhitpauly Posts: 1,057Member Member Posts: 1,057Member Member
    I've never bought into the whole nightshade thing,I have a friend who's big on all the hype that goes around and she avoids gluten,sugar, dairy,nightshades etc she's constantly lecturing me about my frat boy style of eating but honestly I have no problem with any of the foods I like to eat,I honestly don't think she'd have much problem eating whatever either she just likes following fad's and the above mentioned "Dr.'s"
  • pancakerunnerpancakerunner Posts: 1,605Member Member Posts: 1,605Member Member

    whitpauly wrote: »
    I've never bought into the whole nightshade thing,I have a friend who's big on all the hype that goes around and she avoids gluten,sugar, dairy,nightshades etc she's constantly lecturing me about my frat boy style of eating but honestly I have no problem with any of the foods I like to eat,I honestly don't think she'd have much problem eating whatever either she just likes following fad's and the above mentioned "Dr.'s"

    Right. I think a lot of people fall into these fads as a placebo...
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