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Things people say when you lose weight

connie9405connie9405 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
My least favorite, sour puss, can’t-say-anything-nice-to-anyone aunt told me at my brothers wedding, (after I had lost approx 40 lbs out of the 200s range:) “What! Your husband can’t afford to feed you anymore?” Thank you Aunt Fran. 😡


  • fanncy0626fanncy0626 Posts: 5,821Member Member Posts: 5,821Member Member
    Jealousy 😕
  • jenncornelsenjenncornelsen Posts: 859Member Member Posts: 859Member Member
    Totally agree on jealousy. I often get uncomfortable when people comment on my weight loss. Especially if they say aren't you done losing? - no technically I am still considered overweight.
  • ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 338Member Member Posts: 338Member Member
    I literally lost friends over my weight loss. Seriously. You'd think they'd be in your corner... supportive and rooting for you to get healthier, but nope!! I agree with those above... PURE JEALOUSY and it is downright ridiculous. I have dealt with this reaction from acquaintances to one who I was best friends with for more than 20 years to even family members.
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