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marthaaustin74marthaaustin74 Posts: 19Member, Premium Member Posts: 19Member, Premium Member
When I started losing weight I’d heard of the plateau that everybody hits. I was losing weight like crazy and then it happened. Went from 285 to 233 and it stopped. I go to the gym 5 days a week, cardio for 30 minutes a day and weight training for 30. I couldn’t understand it. It frustrating and made me just want to quit going. Stepped on the scale again this morning and finally down below 230. gxv17zxgsbo1.jpeg


  • ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 346Member Member Posts: 346Member Member
    Yeah!! You stayed the course and pushed through!! Great dedication. I hit a plateau for about 25 days when I was in the midst of losing 100 lbs. Sometimes switching up your exercise routine will kick it too... for example maybe try 15 minutes of Cardio, 45 minutes cardio one day. Change your choice of cardio equipment, etc. You may hit another plateau and you may not. BUT your commitment will get you pass it if you do! CONGRATS!! You are sure slimming down. :)
  • SanriohippieSanriohippie Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    I had to quit snacking and reduce my sodium intake.When I hit a plateau I just remember “You can’t outrun your fork”
  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,308Member Member Posts: 12,308Member Member
    A plateau is only a plateau when weight hasn't budged in 6 weeks...just putting that out there because weight loss is not linear.

    Great job on keeping going and seeing results.
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